Winter Storm Stella: Some Pictures

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Winter Storm Stella was unpredictable right up to the end. Ten days before she blew through town, it was projected we’d get about 8 inches of snow. A few days later, possibly 12+. Then 5. Then 1. Then 5! Then 10! Then nothing. Then 3. Then nothing. Then 5…

Winter has been lacking in Virginia and I found myself really wanting just One! Good! Snow! before the trees turned green and the rest of our flowers popped up. It’s totally possible here for all our trees to bud and flowers to bloom and then get slammed with a blizzard mid-March.

In the end, here in my part of Virginia, we got about an inch (maybe 2) of snow and a lot of ice. When we woke up Tuesday morning, the roads were black, but slushy and slick so school was canceled and Mr Boots’ work closed for the day. It was nice to have a day at home, since the weekend was full of errands and Monday was full of doctors and traveling.

The thing with ice storms — here in Virginia, anyway — is that the ice doesn’t stick around long. The boys wanted to play outside, so we obliged for about 15 minutes. The wind was blowing, making it a lot colder than it was that morning. I took the chance to take some pictures (naturally).

Pictures from Winter Storm Stella via

I think this daffodil is the only one to survive the sudden drop in temperatures and the ice. It doesn’t look as pretty now as it did in this picture, but it’s still yellow and now shriveled and brown like all the others.

Winter Storm Stella Ice Covered Weeds via

Even weeds look pretty in ice!

But the prettiest sight were our Ornamental Plum Trees:

Winter Storm Stella | Plum Blossom via

I really don’t think my pictures do them justice. They looked like pink sea glass flowers on a branch. So pretty!

Icy Ornamental Plum Blossom | Winter Storm Stella via

While the ice-covered flowers and weeds were pretty, I’m still feeling let down. We’ve had a couple of snow storms this winter but nothing that gave us good snowman making snow, which is something the boys have wanted to do. Winter’s not over, so I’m still holding out a little hope for one big, really good snow. But if I can’t have that, then I’m more than ready for consistent temperatures in the 70’s.

Were you affected by Winter Storm Stella? Were the meteorologists able to predict your weather better than ours?

3 thoughts on “Winter Storm Stella: Some Pictures

  1. Wow, those pictures are stunning!
    Nope, our meteorologists were soooo off… New Jersey had already declared a State of Emergency and then… nothing. nada. zilch. Half an inch of snow at 11 PM that was washed away with hours and hours of pounding rain.
    Schools were planning to close, offices sent laptops home and rented 4-wheels to pick up workers and then… nothing. Morning came and the streets were just wet. #MeteorologistFail

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