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How To Make Baby-Friendly Yogurt Drops

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G loves those dehydrated yogurt drops you can buy at the store. My issue with them is that they’re expensive and the grocery store I frequent doesn’t carry a cheaper, store brand version. Then I saw a pin on Pinterest for making your own version of baby-friendly yogurt drops using real yogurt, so I decided to give it a shot. The source of the pin can be found here.
How to make baby friendly yogurt drops. Great for babies and toddlers! via

Make your own baby-friendly yogurt dots via muddybootsanddiamonds.comBaby friendly frozen yogurt drops via

You need:

For easier clean-up, line your cookie sheet with your silicone baking mat or parchment or wax paper. I have used both a silicone baking sheet and parchment paper. The frozen dots just peeled right off in both cases.

Spoon the yogurt into a ziplock bag. Snip a corner off the bag and pipe the yogurt into dots onto the baking sheets. If you’re using yogurt with the fruit in it, you may need to smoosh the fruit pieces up a little with your fingers for them to fit through the hole in the bag.

piping-yogurt-from-ziplock-bag-parchment-paper-yogurt drops How to make baby-friendly yogurt drops via

Once your yogurt drops have been made, put the baking sheet into the freezer. I don’t know how long it actually takes for yogurt to freeze; I actually put them in and forget about them for several hours (or in one case, a couple of days — oops), so if you’re in a hurry you could probably do a touch-test in an hour or so.

yogurt-drops-cookie-sheet-parchment-paper-baby-led-weaning-toddler-snack How to make baby-friendly yogurt drops via

One container of yogurt yielded an entire (smallish) cookie sheet of yogurt drops. Once frozen, I peeled them off and put them into a freezer-safe container.

It took G a couple of tries before he got excited about these. I think it was because they were cold. These have been a great way for him to get more calcium since he doesn’t always go for milk. A word of note: these do melt into their original form. Not a problem for G, as he likes to smear the melted stuff around on his tray, but I’d rather these get into his mouth so I give him a few at a time. The melt factor is this snack’s only downfall to me. Since the freeze-dried yogurt drops don’t melt, they’re great for travel. But they are still a great, healthy go-to snack that is easy for G to eat since he has yet to use a spoon properly. These DIY yogurt drops have also become one of my favorite baby-led-weaning foods!

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