The Tuesday Ten

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I love lists. I have them in my phone, on my fridge, in my planner, and floating around my house. There is something gratifying in crossing things off once they’ve been completed. 

I saw this link-up on Feeisms called The Tuesday Ten. This week’s theme is Goals for October. There are a lot of things I’d love to do next month, before it starts getting cold, but time isn’t really on my side.
 1) finish L’s growth ruler
 2) go to a pumpkin patch
 3) buy Hubby an anniversary card
 4) buy G’s Halloween costume
 5) make my own spaghetti sauce (I’m noticing more and more sauces have cheese listed in the ingredients. Not a fan!)
 6) take 9 pole classes
 7) decorate for Halloween, and hopefully add a little bit to my decoration stash
 8) write L’s 8 month post
 9) write G’s 2.5 year post
 10) find an eye doctor and make an appointment

Not very exciting, but I feel it’s pretty realistic. Things I wanted to list, but doubt I’d end up doing: go to the zoo, go to the aquarium, make a magnet board, sand and paint porch rocking chairs. 

Do you have any goals for October?

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