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G never sucked his thumb. Okay, that is a fib. He found his thumb at six months and sucked on it about five times. He preferred the pacifier (Soothies, to be exact. The newborn ones).

His love for the pacifier was horrible for me. From about 4-6 months it meant getting up multiple times at night to put it back in his mouth. From about 6-15 months it meant getting up several times a night to find it when he couldn’t.

His love for the pacifier meant a dependence on Mr Boots and I to sleep at night. It was exhausting and frustrating for me, and I was so happy to be rid of it at 15 months when I made him quit cold turkey.

All this to say, I cannot begin to explain how excited I am that L sucks his thumb.

Once he found it and realized he had a built in pacifier. He seems to prefer it to the rubber plug we were so used to shoving into G’s mouth.

He uses it to help him fall asleep on his own, which is awesome. We haven’t had to go into his room for anything other than to burp or nurse him.

L is five months old and I’ve been having flash backs to when G was this age. I was losing my shit from lack of sleep. We were woken up every few hours (sometimes less) because G could not put the pacifier back in his mouth. Or he was hungry. Mix that with a pediatrician who said he should be sleeping thru the night and shouldn’t be nursing in the middle of it, and I was at a complete loss of what to do. That 4-6 month regression is a bitch, y’all. And it’s torture when your baby can’t figure out how to sooth himself.

I was averaging 4 hours of sleep a night and that wasn’t in a row. It was a month of torture for me, waiting until the six month mark when I could let him cry it out.

It’s been so nice not having to go into L’s room multiple times. It’s been so nice knowing I can let him cry and fuss for about 10 minutes before he usually find his thumb and calm himself down.

Thumb Sucker via www.muddybootsanddiamonds.comI know not everyone wants a thumb sucker, but after my experience with a pacifier baby I am not sure I want it any other way. My kids are doomed and will require orthodontic work, I’m sure of it, based on the crowding and spacing issues Mr Boots and I have had with our teeth. The sleep I’m getting right now totally outweighs that worry at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Thumb Sucker

  1. I feel the same way about having a thumb sucker this time around. SO WORTH IT.

    Also, I was a thumb sucker until school… maybe age 8? I remember quitting b/c of peer pressure b/c kids on the bus made fun of me. It hasn’t created any long lasting issues that I’m aware of. 😉 Most kids quit on their own by age 3-4 anyway. Yay for more sleep!

    Oh – and H is 6mo old now, and I tried to let him CIO last night, and I just couldn’t do it after 10 min and went in and nursed him. He falls asleep fine, but still nurses 2-3x/night. I’d like to get that to 1-2x/night, but we shall see.

    1. I was a thumb sucker until about the same age. I stopped because I had to get a retainer and it didn’t feel right any more.

      G had nights he’d wake 2-3x until he was 9 months old, then they dropped to 0-1. I think L is teething so he’s been up 2-3 the past few nights (ugh), but if he can’t settle himself within 10 minutes I will go in. *Usually* he hasn’t settled because he’s hungry 🙂

  2. I sucked my thumb until I was in early elementary school, I think. I remember Mom painting gross-tasting stuff on it to try to get me to stop but I powered through. 😀 Luckily it was before I got most of my adult teeth so I don’t have too much of an overbite or anything.

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