Fun St. Patrick’s Day Art Prints for Your Home or Office

St. Patrick’s Day art prints are a great way to make your home or office more festive during the month of March.

I don’t usually go all out for holidays other than Halloween and Christmas, but since we’re still stuck at home due to the pandemic, I have been trying to find ways to make smaller holidays special for my family. Putting a garland on the mantle or hanging a festive picture has helped put us in a festive spirit. I’ve discovered that art prints can really help with that. 

As a bonus, adding a touch of lesser-celebrated holidays helps remind us of the calendar! Because let’s face it, being stuck at home makes the days, weeks, and months, all run together. (I seriously can’t believe I’ve been living like this for nearly a year.)

Etsy is becoming my go-to for fun, unique finds. I love that I can help out a small business owner, and the site allows you to search for businesses based on locality.

Wall Art That Celebrates St. Patrick's Day pinterest pin with text overlay black leather chair under photograph of green four leaf clover via St. Patrick's Day Art Prints For Your Home or Office

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I’ve put together a list of some of the St. Patrick’s Day art prints I favorited on Etsy this week. Most of them are instant downloads, making them a great last-minute St. Patrick’s Day decor idea! After purchasing, they’ll be emailed to you in a zip file, and sometimes will include 2-3 different sizes. You can print them out ASAP on your home printer or order them through a printing service.

St. Patrick’s Day Art Prints For Your Home

Looking for more inspiration? Check out my St. Patrick’s Day board on Pinterest or these past posts.

Do you use St. Patrick’s Day art prints to bring a festive spirit into your home? What do you do to make the day special for your kids?

7 St. Patrick's Day Art Prints that Celebrate St. Patrick's Day via Muddy Boots and Diamonds pinterest image light green with text overlay and four leaf clovers

Make a Statement with These Fun Pandemic Tees

Humor can play a roll in coping with a stressful situation. I’m finding that I’m turning to it more often now that we’re in week eight of our Stay At Home order during the pandemic.

Even when I go out, wearing a mask makes it difficult to talk or let people know I’m smiling. I actually miss that: being able to smile at someone I pass in the aisle at the grocery store or check out counter.

We’ll get there again. But to help convey how we’re feeling and thinking, these shirts can make a statement your face can’t right now: 

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Fun Pandemic Tees


Making a Statement with Pandemic T-Shirts from Etsy via pinterest graphic

15 of the Best Holiday Maternity Shirts on Etsy

I find maternity shirts to be pretty blah. Especially winter fashion (I’m ALWAYS sporting a winter bump when I’m pregnant). So I love to have fun with shirts with sassy or cute sayings on them. A favorite when I was pregnant with G was one that said “You touch mine, I’ll touch yours.” I wore it to a Christmas party.

I’m getting outfits planned for family photos in a few weeks. Since I haven’t mentioned my pregnancy on Facebook or Instagram yet, I thought I would look into a fun shirt to help make that announcement after our anatomy scan.

I’ve been looking at shirts on Etsy and today I’m sharing my favorite holiday maternity shirts on Etsy for Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years!

Fun Holiday Maternity Shirts for Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years via

This post is sponsored by Etsy, a marketplace for unique and creative goods. If you make a purchase through one of these links I will receive a small compensation, at all no extra cost to you. Please read my disclosure policy for more info.

Christmas Maternity Shirts

Christmas Maternity Shirts from Etsy via

1. Santa Ain’t Got Nothing on This Belly  |  2. Christmas Cookies for Two

3. Bump’s First Christmas  |  4. Santa Baby

5. Merry Christmas (Also…)  | 6. New Little Elf

7. Merry and Pregnant

Find more Christmas maternity shirts here.

Hanukkah Maternity Shirts

Hanukkah Maternity Shirts on Etsy via muddybootsanddiamonds.com8. Latkes for Two  |  9. I Love You a Latke  | 10. Hanukkah Miracle Inside

Find more Hanukkah maternity shirts here.

New Year Maternity Shirts

New Year's Maternity Shirts via

11. New Year’s Resolution: Eat for Two  |  12. New Year Same Bump

13. We Are Expecting

14. Bump’s First New Year  |  15. Bump’s First New Year

Which of these holiday maternity shirts is your favorite?