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Starting Easter Traditions

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This was our first Easter as a family of four. it was also our first Easter together in our new house. Last year we didn’t even spend the holiday as a family. G and I stayed at my parent’s house because he had a doctor appointment the next day. Mr Boots decided to stay home.

We haven’t put an exact plan in place for how we want to celebrate Easter (as a family or with extended family, alternating between mine and Mr Boots’ each year as we have tried doing in the past). The year G was born we stayed home. Last year we celebrated with the in-laws the day before and were apart the day of. But this year Mr Boots wanted to stay home. I didn’t feel like traveling with a two-year old and a two month old I was okay with that. It would have been my family’s turn for a visit this year, but since my parents would have been making the trip down here almost every week this month, they were okay with having a day to themselves as well.

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It was a nice, low key day. I honestly think I’m learning that I need days like that to recharge. Recharge as a mom. Recharge as a wife. At the moment, errands are now run on the weekends, in between other scheduled activities, and rarely as a family. Mr Boots and I usually take turns with each child, so I don’t feel the four of us spend a lot of quality together time.

Coloring Eggs

I’m trying to figure out what Easter traditions I want to start with my kids. Mr Boots and I decided on the good ol’ Easter egg hunt starting next year. I’m on the fence about Easter baskets. The only years I got one was when they came in the mail from my Grandpa, and that wasn’t a yearly thing. The Easter Bunny usually left us some kind of chocolate and that was it.

I did opt to begin dying Easter eggs this year. I didn’t know how G would take to it, but I wanted to do something that felt Easter-ish.

G actually got into it. He didn’t like getting the dye on his fingers, but he had fun trying to pick up the eggs with a spoon and dumping them into the different colors. Growing up we actually poked a hole on either end of the egg and blew out the yolk and white so they’d be hollow before dying them. They lasted longer. But I opted to hard boil ours because I wanted to use them to make deviled eggs for dinner. I think boiling them made them less destructible against G.

Freshly boiled eggs

I think this was the first year Mr Boots dyed eggs without the egg dying kit. I used gel food coloring mixed with hot water and vinegar. I’m new to gel food coloring, but I think it worked out nicely!

20140421-164321.jpgAlso something I tried for the first time: using a muffin pan instead of individual cups. I saw this posted on several Pinterest boards and thought it was a cool idea. I did overfill the cups though. Apparently filling them halfway up with dye was too much. We almost got red dye into a few surrounding colors. Dying the eggs this way meant there was less to clean up, which I’m all for.

In the color bath

Mr Boots and I both supervised and helped G color the eggs. L was taking a nap so G had our sole attention for a bit. I know that did him some good. And it did me some good — I miss G despite the fact that I am with him all day. I miss the one-on-one time I had with him before L was born. It’s hard to divert a decent amount of time to him when Hubby isn’t home.

It was nice to be able to spend some time with Mr Boots that didn’t involve one of us having to jump up and tend to a child or falling asleep before we had the chance to speak to each other.

Easter Traditions Coloring Easter Eggs.jpg
Finished Product: Pretty Easter Eggs

Do you celebrate Easter? What Easter traditions do you have as a family?

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5 thoughts on “Starting Easter Traditions

  1. Great idea with the muffin tin! We dyed eggs this year too and made a bunny craft the day before Easter. We didn’t do any baskets or even chocolate this year, but will probably do a little chocolate in future, but not gifts like I know a lot of people do now. On Easter day for the past three years we have gone to a brunch at a hotel just outside of town which my friend’s family owns. She has kids around Lids’ age so she puts on an egg hunt for the kids which Lids really got into this year. I think we will stick to this tradition as long as available, but otherwise, not much else. My parents were visiting this year but usually we don’t have any family in the country so just us, but that is okay. I like low key!!
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