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I mentioned in Friday’s post I want to successfully complete Run the Year 2016. “Successfully complete” means having run or walked 2,016 miles by the end of 2016. Sounds totally doable, right? (RIGHT?!)

I found out about Run the Year though a fellow Postpartum Progress Warrior Mom. She set up a team, but I decided to do this solo.

I was hesitant to sign up at all because I didn’t know how I would go for a walk when it was 30 degrees outside and dark at 4:30. Someone else had similar reservations but my fellow Warrior Mom said that if we had a FitBit or other activity tracker you can log whatever miles you happen to do every day. I mean, you’ll obviously complete the challenge and log 2,016 miles faster when you make the time to go for a walk or run, but it was nice realizing I can track the 2-5 miles I do when I don’t try too hard. (Like a day like today when it’s 40 degrees.)

When I did the math, 2,016 miles in one year totally seemed doable to me. It comes down to walking/running an average of about 5.5 miles a day. Will I achieve 5.5 miles on cold days? Nope. But I’m fairly confident I can make it up when the weather gets warmer and I start running and walking outside again.

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I had another small reservation, and that was the task of logging my miles. I figured I would have to set a reminder on my phone to sit down at the computer to input the miles I walked during the week. I didn’t like that idea, but I really liked the idea of this challenge to get me moving this year, so I didn’t let it deter me. Happily, once I registered I found instructions on how to get the Activity Log onto my phone. It’s a whole lot easier to keep my miles updated that way.

You can participate in this challenge solo, with a buddy, or as part of a team. From what I understand, the more people you participate with the easier it is to reach 2,016 miles because it’s 2,016 miles TOTAL per team/buddy system. Apparently I just feel like punishing myself this year 😉 No teammates or buddies means I’ve got to reach 2,016 miles all by myself.

I didn’t think the cost of registration was too bad. $25 gets you online access to training, nutrition, and health advice. You’ll also be eligible for giveaways and receive year-long motivation. But I don’t really like to run races and challenges without some kind of goody. I want some bling or a shirt or something that says “Look what I did!” If this sounds like you too, then there are three options:

  1. Registration + Medal: $35 gets you everything under Registration plus a finishers medal.
  2. Registration + T-shirt: $45 Gets you everything under Registration plus a t-shirt.
  3. GET IT ALL: $49.95 gets you everything you see above. This is what I chose. I have yet to receive bling for running and this is the year I am determined to get some. Plus, I’d love to have the t-shirt to wear for a bit and eventually make into a t-shirt quilt with the others Fun Run/5K shirts I’m collecting.

You guys, I’m pretty stoked this is happening. I try not to think about 2,016 miles, otherwise I wonder what the heck I signed myself up for. Instead, I’m trying to see how close I can get to 5 miles a day. Hopefully, by coming close or exceeding that daily goal will help me reach the 2,016 I need at the end of the year.

Do you like the sound of Run the Year 2016? I’d love it if you’d consider registering through my referral link. I receive a $5 credit for every successful registration. Registration prices go up on January 15, so take advantage of the lower fees if you’d also like to challenge yourself to get moving in 2016!

I would love to hear about other virtual running/walking challenges that are out there. Have you participated in any? Let me know in the comments!

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