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20140528-084434-31474696.jpgMy mom told me once she used to hand me a box of raisins to eat to keep me occupied for a bit. I decided to give this a try one afternoon when G, L and I were driving back from my parent’s house. G was getting frustrated being in the car. He was tired and hungry and wanted to move around. We were almost home.  I had a box of raisins so I opened it up and handed it to him.

It worked! He was quiet, satisfied, and we made it home without a major meltdown from any of us. I plan on keeping a box of these in the diaper bag from now on.


I need to make sure G doesn’t share his snacks with L quite yet. L was really eyeing the raisins.

2 thoughts on “Raisins

  1. Molly goes through raisin phases. Sometimes they’re all she wants and other times she wants nothing to do with them! I switch it up sometimes and get her the yogurt covered ones as a treat.

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