A Pumpkin Round Up

Pumpkin Food Favorites via MuddyBootsandDiamonds.com
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MMMM, Pumpkin. During a SITS Girls Twitter chat, someone asked if anyone was going to do a pumpkin round up. I said no, because I’m not a fan the flavor. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I am a fan of pumpkin; it just depends on what form. I like pumpkin food. The idea of drinking the flavor grosses me out. Those famous Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Not for me.

Now that I have this figured out, I decided I would go ahead and do a round up. Of my favorite pumpkin foods:

Pumpkin Favorites via MuddyBootsandDiamonds.com

Pumpkin bread – especially made from scratch. And bonus if it has chocolate chips! I love using the bread recipes to make muffins for a quick, on the go breakfast or snack.

Two ingredient pumpkin cake. This recipe was a huge hit at the last October pot luck I went to when I was working. It was a little mushy towards the center, but no one seemed to mind. I doubt that issue would happen if you made these into cupcakes. I made my own apple cider glaze to go on top instead of sprinkling powdered sugar because I didn’t have a sifter at the time.

Pumpkin Delights Little Debbie

These Little Debbie cookies! As kids, my mom used to put these in our school lunches. Seeing this box gets brings me right back to being a kid. I know fall is close when these hit the shelves. I’ve been SO GOOD about not buying them since I’ve started my #PiYo challenge so I really hope I make my goal by the end or I’ll be sad I missed a season of these delicious cookies.


My mom’s pumpkin pie. I don’t like anyone else’s pumpkin pie. I believe this has to do with the Brady, orange juice, and orange zest she adds to it. I don’t even know if she played with a recipe to make it her own or if there is a specific recipe for what we beg her to make every year.

What about you? Do you look forward to Pumpkin Everything when the weather starts getting cooler? What are your favorite fall foods?

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