My Project Repat Blanket + Coupon Code {Review}

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Disclaimer: I received a discount from Project Repat towards my t-shirt blanket for this review; however, all opinions are my own.

Yay! The sorority shirts I wanted made into a t-shirt blanket have been mailed, sewn, and made into something snuggly thanks to Project Repat!

Package from Project Repat

I had just enough shirts to have a lap quilt made. Nearly all my shirts had a backside I wanted included so before I could mail my shirts to Project Repat, I had to cut them into two separate pieces so they’d know to include both sides. Project Repat gives you the option of creating the layout of your quilt yourself; all you have to do is set it up and take a picture of it to send with your shirts. I didn’t want to agonize over the perfect layout, so I let them use their creativity.

Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority Quilt Project Repat

What I find brilliant is that Project Repat uses PolarTec fleece for the backs of their quilts. There’s no need for batting, which was something I wasn’t looking forward to working with when I got the chance to make the quilt myself. Plus with fleece you know the blanket will be nice and warm, which is perfect because we’re looking the daily high temperatures to be in the twenties later this week!

project repat quilt
Keepin’ warm while writing this post

They had six colors to choose from: magenta, light blue, navy blue, gray, red, and black. I wanted something girly, so I chose magenta, although it doesn’t really look it in the picture.


When you place your order, Project Repat will email you a form to include with your chosen shirts. They suggest making sure your shirts are clean, so I decided to wash them before I shipped them off since they’d been stored away for several years. Then I cut the shirts in two, put them in a box with my form and took it to the post office. It cost me about $17 to mail — it will vary depending on your shipping method and how big your order is. I received an email when they received my shirts a couple days later and another one when they shipped my quilt, about one week later. I only experienced one minor hiccup and that was my fault; the gift card I used to pay for my overage on the blanket was declined because I didn’t check the balance on it beforehand. I received a nice email letting me know I needed to update it so Project Repat could send me my blanket (they don’t charge your credit card until your blanket is ready to ship). I updated my payment info that night and my blanket was mailed the next day.

Project Repat: A T-Shirt Quilt Review | Pros and Cons of hiring a business to make your t-shirt quilt via

My Project Repat Pros:

  1. Someone else made the blanket for me.
  2. It’s warm!
  3. I didn’t have to agonize over the layout.
  4. I no longer have to worry about what a waste of space the majority of my sorority shirts were becoming. They’ve been upcycled into something I’ll use a long, long time!
  5. You can turn nearly any type of fabric into a quilt (they don’t take leather or jean).

My Project Repat Cons:

  1. My lettered shirts got cut off. I sort of expected this (they do warn you that if the design on the shirt is larger than a certain size it may be cut off). I might have been able to avoid this had I made the blanket myself, but see point number one under pros. I haven’t had the time to do any quilt making!
  2. The fleece colors were limited. I’d have liked to have seen a few more girly colors to choose from, but that’s what I tend to gravitate towards.

I’d definitely use Project Repat again. If sewing isn’t your thing or you’re like me and just don’t have the time to make one yourself, I think this is a good way to go if you’ve been wanting a t-shirt quilt of your own.

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14 thoughts on “My Project Repat Blanket + Coupon Code {Review}

  1. As a person who makes tee shirt quilts, I am shocked at the poor quality of these “blankets” (they are not quilts). When I look at your pictures I notice that many of the designs are cut off and most are not cut straight. This is a case of getting what you pay for, these quilts are cheap for a reason. If you have “priceless” tee shirts take them to a local seamstress and have them made into a quality quilt that will look nice and hold up for years.

    1. I agree, if you really care about how your shirts are cut this might not be the best way to get one made. But if you’re short on time and you don’t mind (like me and these shirts), I don’t think it’s a bad way to go. They do give you the option of having the squares cut bigger, but I declined. I am not sure if that would have made much of a difference in the case of these shirts. I am starting to stash away baby clothes I would love made into quilts for my boys, but am waiting until I have the time to make it myself because I want to have control over cutting and sizing.

      Do seamstresses make quilts? I don’t think I’ve heard of one that does that.

  2. This seamstress does!! LOL, have made probably 40 of these over the years for various people in the St Louis area. I wish I had saved more baby clothes, just saw a picture of one made from baby garments and it was adorable.

    1. Anita: can you send me your info? I am pulling together tshirts for my son who is graduating from St Dominic in May. I would prefer a quilt, softer version, than just a throw. Can you contact me – email at or phone below.
      Glad I saw your blog.
      Thanks again.

    1. I want to do the same with my children’s special clothes and the ones stained so bad I can’t consign them 🙂

  3. What size squares did you get ? I went with the 14 inch so my designs are not cut off. I hope it works for me. I’m just waiting for mine to be returned to me.


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