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Despite what people say about first time moms not being able to feel their baby move until about 20 weeks, I’ve been feeling the baby move since about 12 weeks. I think if you’re in tune to your body and have a general idea of what the first movements can feel like then it’s totally possible to feel it move early on, first time mom or not. Do you tend to feel gas bubbles right above your pubic bone? I don’t. And even though I’ve read once that miscarriages aren’t supposed to have any affect on feeling your baby earlier, I do wonder if it isn’t impossible. I mean, my uterus grew for about 8 weeks, I was given medicine to contract  it after my D&C, and even after two months post D&C my doctor said it can take a while for it to shrink down. So couldn’t the stretching give me an edge of feeling it earlier too?

I turned 18 weeks on Wednesday and I have been feeling the baby move more consistently this week. What used to be faint bubbles, squirms, and flutters have turned into more intense pops, squirms, and flutters, especially after lunch.

And today, I felt the baby move from the outside for the first time!

Since the movements have been more noticeable, I’ve been laying around the house with my hands on my tummy all week. But the baby wouldn’t cooperate. It would move, I would put my hands on my belly and then…nothing. I’d take my hands off my belly and then it would move again. It has been playing a game with me and I’ve been losing. And I’m a sore loser.

Well, today I started feeling the baby move right after lunch. And since it is Saturday and cold and rainy/snowy outside, I was already laying in bed. I put my hands on my tummy and pressed down a bit (the movements are stronger, but I don’t think they are so strong that you’d feel anything by lightly touching my belly). And I waited.


So I took my hands away. Then I felt it move again. I was determined to win today so I put my hands back, waited a minute or two and then…


As my eyes grew wide, amazement quickly turned into second guessing. Was the moment was too good to be true? Could I really have felt it from the outside? It wasn’t just a huge gas bubble? I got out my doppler and sure enough the baby’s heartbeat was right where I felt the poke.

I put my hand in the same spot, waited, then felt a bigger jab. That couldn’t have been gas.

I’m so totally over-the-moon giddy right now. I don’t think I’ve felt this way since I saw the second line appear on my pregnancy test back in July.

Thank you, Baby, for letting me win today!