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Putting Your Love on the Map: Unique Wedding Gifts

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When I checked my phone the other day, a little alert popped up. My friend is getting ready to celebrate her 3rd wedding anniversary! Then I realized it’s April, which a HUGE wedding month for my family and friends. It inspired me to round up some unique, personalized wedding gifts (or anniversary gifts!) to share with you all today.

When I was looking for gift ideas, I became partial to personalized map art. I have loved ones all over the country. Some are content where they are. Some move around for work. Some of them had long distance relationships and some had destination weddings. I could create some fun map art for many of them. My favorites are below.Personalized Wedding Gifts Personalized Map Art

Personalized Map Art: Wedding Gift Guide | Putting Your Love on the Map: Personalized Wedding Gifts via
Personalized Wedding Gifts Putting Love on the Map via

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I like the simplicity of this map hart by Define Design 11 (get it on Amazon). You can personalize it with a map of where you met, got married, or are currently living.

Personalized Wedding Gifts Anniversary Gift Map
Framed personalized map heart by Define Design 11

Literally put a heart on the map with these personalized state maps, also by Define Design 11 (get it on Amazon). We have several family members who have lived in Virginia their whole lives that I think would love this.

Personalized Wedding Gift Anniversary Gift State Map
Personalized state map by Define Design 11

If actual maps aren’t your thing, you can showcase your favorite city using coordinates. I love that this one by Aureate Prints is printed on burlap in your choice of natural or ivory (get it on Amazon).

Personalized Wedding Gifts Anniversary Gift Coordinates BurlapFamily name with coordinates by Aureate Prints

I adore the prints I’ve seen showcasing where couples met, got married, and are now living. This one by Paper’d Moments comes framed and would make a great wedding or anniversary gift (get it on Amazon).

Personalized Wedding Gifts Anniversary Gift Heart MapWe Met, We Married, We Live, By Paper’d Moments

And not all maps are of land. I’m in love with the prints I’ve seen floating around Pinterest of the night sky. Sappy story: on our first date, Mr Boots and I ended up at an elementary school playground. We sat on swings and stared up at the stars for a bit before we had our first kiss. I knew this moment was the one I wanted as soon as I saw these custom star maps by Modern Map Art. It’s so neat to be able to look at this print and see the sky from all those years ago.

Custom Star Map Red Rose

The traditional gift for your first anniversary is paper, so most of these personalized wedding gifts would also make great anniversary gifts as well!

Did you receive any personalized wedding gifts for your wedding or an anniversary? Let us know what you got in the comments!

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  1. Isn’t this just awesome!! This is such a great way to record memories and definitely a good gift idea.

  2. Aw these are all such great ideas! I love the map-heart one. Super cute and perfect for the first anniversary since the traditional gift is Paper

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