Pants Not Optional: ThredUp to the Rescue

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Since becoming a stay at home mom, I haven’t worried too much about what I wear. Comfort is my sense of style these days.

I have a few pairs of yoga/workout pants that I wear most of the time. I pair them with tank tops. I think it drives Mr Boots a bit batty that I look like I rolled out of bed. Most days that is exactly what I did. I rolled out, put my hair up, and changed out of PJs and into something that says “I’m ready to work out!” Only I don’t work out.

So when a day rolls around that I want (or need) to look more put together, I am usually frustrated that I have nothing to wear.

One such time was family picture day back in October. I didn’t need anything other than jeans and a nice top, but my frustration grew as I realized my jeans weren’t fitting well. They were too big or the waist was too low to look good on me. I was losing weight and inches with the PiYo/Running challenge I was doing and clearly needed a new pair. So after I bought my dress for the holiday party, I decided to look on thredUP for jeans.

Saving Money using thredUp via

Like dresses, thredUp had hundreds of jeans for me to choose from. I decided to focus on waist and price. I wanted something less than $20 and had a mid- to- high waist line to try and hide the post-baby pooch that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I put about five pairs of jeans in my cart and then spent an hour narrowing down my choices to one. In the end I chose a pair of size 10 Gap jeans.

Gap Jeans from ThredUp
Gap Jeans Retail: $60 thredUP: $14.49

While I was at it, I checked out the pants thredUP had in stock for boys. It turns out I forgot one minor detail when doing my consignment shopping this past fall: G was potty training while in 2T clothes. I made a huge error in judgment and assumed we had enough 2T pants for L to wear this winter. I totally forgot that the 2T pant phase was the winter G went pants-less because he was potty training and I was too pregnant with L to leave the house. I’d spent money on underwear that winter, not pants. We aren’t enforcing potty training yet, so a pair of size 2T Lucky Brand jeans went into my shopping cart.

lucky jeans thredup
Lucky Brand 2T Jeans Retail: $34 thredUP: $11.99

Everything arrived within the week and I love what I bought. The Gap jeans are so soft and so comfortable. The only downside is that I’ve lost a little more weight and I think I need a smaller size! The description for L’s Lucky Brand jeans said they showed signs of minor wear and tear but I couldn’t find any. They look new to me.

Retail, my purchase would have been $94. By going through thredUP, the jeans totaled $26.48, plus they had a “We miss you” coupon code to use for an additional 10% off and were shipping for free for the holidays. I only spent $22.51!

Are you ready to save money on gently used brand name clothes? Use my thredUP referral link and you’ll get $20 to spend, plus I’ll get $20 when you make your first purchase. It’s a win for both of us!

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