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26 Weeks 1 day

Dear Little Guy, We went to your follow up anatomy scan on Monday. The choroid plexus cyst has dissolved. The news made me breathe a sigh of relief, even though deep down I knew there was nothing to worry about. I had been surprisingly calm during the last six weeks. I didn’t start worrying until the ultrasound… Read More 26 Weeks 1 day


Naming Baby

Hubby and I have a hard time agreeing on baby names. For a guy scared of me turning him into a hippie by using cloth diapers and making him go to a natural childbirth class, his name choices continue to amaze me. One of his choices for a girl is Buttercup. I think he is… Read More Naming Baby


Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, This Christmas I would like my immune system back. I know the baby needs it for another three and a half months, but if you could improve on it just enough to keep me from getting sick in my last trimester, I would really appreciate it! Love, Emma

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24 Weeks 1 Day

Dear Little Guy, You’ve reached another milestone today! 24 weeks and 1 day. Starting today you have a better chance of surviving if you decide to make your appearance before you’re full term. This makes me a happy mommy. I just hope you hold on until closer to your due date. You still have some baking to… Read More 24 Weeks 1 Day