The Nut Free Foods on Our Safe List

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When we were told L had to be nut free, I didn’t think shopping for food would be hard. We just had to avoid the obvious, right? Coconuts. Peanuts. Things like peanut butter, and trail mixes? Things like Snickers, Nutella, and Reeces Peanut Butter Cups? And my mother-in-law’s candied pecans and Magic Bars?


It turned out even some of the most unsuspecting foods could be unsafe. Most chocolate was out. Granola bars were out. Many candies were out. Store brand pancake mix was out. Most dried fruit was out. Cheese crackers were out. Even some vitamins were out!

It was a rude awakening.

As I drove home that first day of grocery shopping with nut allergies in mind, I realized just how privileged I was never to have needed to worry about what went in my grocery cart. If I wanted to buy cheese crackers I could just toss them in without a second thought. Those days were gone, and I had a new, very huge respect for those with food allergies and those who love and care for them.

L has an Epi pen we need to remember to take with us everywhere. And we have been advised strict avoidance of any foods that do or could contain his allergens: peanuts and coconuts. These foods will have one of the following warnings on the package:

May contain… 
Has been processed in a facility 
Has been manufactured in the same equipment as…

I didn’t realize just how many packaged products contain these warnings. If my kids loved fruits and veggies then snacks would be easy. But kids are picky and mine are no exception. An apple or a piece of cheese can only be a snack for a long before it gets boring. And who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie once in a while?

My mother-in-law started texting me before every scheduled visit the boys had with her, asking if L could have such and such food. I knew I needed to get my list of Safe Foods out of my head and onto paper. I thought I’d pass it along for those of you who might be new to this nut-free territory or if you’re looking for foods to send your children to school with. While I have more on my list, these have been our usual go-to items.

A list of nut free foods for those with nut allergies or school restrictions via

Before I begin….

** ALWAYS check labels. Keebler cheese crackers were on our safe list until very recently, when the company began using peanut flour. While this change was made very public, the truth is companies can change the ingredients or how they process products as they see fit with little or no warning. This is a list of nut-free foods that I’ve found to be okay as of {August 17, 2016}, but it’s subject to change without notice. So please, double check packages for warning labels! **

Nut Free Foods Safe LIst: One mom's list of nut-free foods via

One concern I read over and over again in comment feeds about peanut-free zones is: My kid won’t eat anything but peanut butter and jelly for lunch. What am I supposed to feed my kid?

Though I still have one more year until I have to pack school lunches, the controversies over peanut-free schools always made me wonder about the same thing. Then, when we learned about L’s allergy, I wondered what the heck I’d give my kids for lunch at all! If this sounds familiar, why not give these a try:

If your local store sells these, they can be found in be peanut butter and jelly aisle. I found the Sneaky Chef butter at Target. They can also be found online on Amazon.

I learned about SunButter through another mom whose close friend is a food allergy mom. L never took a liking to SunButter and it took a few tries and a batch of SunButter Balls for G to like it. While I liked the SunButter balls, I prefer the Sneaky Chef, and love it on toast and honey. Both brands offer to-go cups which would be great for dipping apples or celery.

Neither is super cheap, but you can check their websites for coupons.

Nut Free Foods Safe LIst: One mom's list of nut-free foods via

  • Skeeter chocolate chip cookies
  • Teddy Grams
  • Sun-Maid raisins (according to their website, only Sun-Maid’s Natural Raisins and Zante Currants are processed in a nut-free facility)
  • Goldfish
  • Motts Fruit Snacks
  • Oreos
  • Bitsy’s Brainfood Orange Chocolate Beet cookies (L and I fell in love with these today!)

I debated whether or not to include candy in this post. But we’ve received it so many times at school parties, birthday parties, and holidays that I thought I would go ahead and do so. When I started learning about what L couldn’t eat, candy was a big shocker for me. Chocolate is the worst offender, though when you stop to think about how many chocolate companies produce chocolate products with nuts, it really shouldn’t be surprising.

Halloween has been a prime learning time for us. My advice to allergy parents is to do your own research first. Take a stroll down the candy aisle before Halloween night so that you KNOW what your child can have. I was surprised to learn that snack and fun size candies can be produced in a different facility than their full-size counterparts, and therefore allergy warnings can differ on the packaging for the same candy.

Nut Free Foods Safe LIst: One mom's list of nut-free foods via


  • Skittles
  • Starburst
  • Dum Dums
  • Tootsie Rolls
  • Tootsie Pops
  • Starburst jelly beans
  • Sweet Nature candy canes
  • Enjoy Life chocolate chips (These were surprisingly good. My parents picked them up from Trader Joes, I think, but I’ve recently found them at Target! There are more products by Enjoy Life as well!)

Do you or someone you love have a nut allergy? What is on your nut free foods safe list?

3 thoughts on “The Nut Free Foods on Our Safe List

  1. Our nut free spread is WOW butter because we like the taste better and are allergic to sunflower seeds also. My son prefers cream cheese as a spread above all else.

  2. Yum Earth has nut free, gluten free, etc. candies. Enjoy Life, as well as making chocolate chips, has gluten free, nut free cookies. I have been able to find these at Walmart. I’m allergic to tree nuts and have recently discovered an intolerance/allergy to gluten.

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