Not So Magic Mike (some spoilers)

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This is going to have a few spoilers, so if you want to see Magic Mike or are planning on seeing it, I’d skip this post.

I saw Magic Mike last weekend at my Hubby’s prodding. So I grabbed one of my best girlfriends and we made a date of it.

I really could care less who the male actors showing off their abs, flexing their biceps and gyrating a stage floor were. Sure, they were nice to look at but nothing about them excited me. I think I might be a minority here.

I went because male strippers entertain me. They make me laugh. A man with a hard rock body is nice to drool over, but when they start grinding on stage floors or running their hands over their body I find them ridiculous. I’ve always said if I went to a male strip club I’d give all the dancers a complex because I’d be laughing at them, not swooning over them.

I have been to a party where a private male stripper was hired. The things that happened in that strip club were exactly what happened at the party. At the party I felt awkward and terrified. I can’t say a freshly shaven man in a thong turns me on. I wanted to hide and avoid being grinded on by a hairless man who had softer skin than me. As I watched Magic Mike I felt like I did at that party: awkward. The only thing that kept me from feeling terrified was knowing none of the characters could come through the screen and hump me.

I didn’t expect the movie to be good and I’m glad I went in with low expectations. In between strip club scenes I fought the urge to walk out because I was bored. The plot had potential, but I though the acting by everyone other than Matthew McConaughey wasn’t that great. McConaughey’s character was the most entertaining one and with the exception of a very Willy Wonka-ish moment in the 4th of July strip scene I enjoyed his character a lot. I have seen bad acting in movies that I still enjoyed. Burlesque for one. The acting was horrible but stories were finished and the singing and dancing numbers made up for poorly executed lame lines.

If there had been more dance scenes in Magic Mike I might have been able to ignore the bad acting. They were fun even if I felt awkward. Or if there was more of Matthew McConaughey’s character. But the balance between strip club scenes and normal scenes was off and I was left wanting to walk out.

I felt the movie ended before The Kid’s issues had been resolved. This frustrated me. Like The Kid and his drug addiction. I felt there needed to be more of a resolution there other than Mike paying back the money and telling the DJ not to give The Kid any more pills.

I write this and see how that can be a totally acceptable resolution, just like my friend was explaining, but I felt there needed to be more there. Did The Kid sober up? Did he manage to stay out of trouble? They didn’t address that; just sent him to Miami without anyone who truly cared about him. I feel there needs to be a Magic Mike 2 just so finish up The Kid’s story. I think I ended up caring for him, this decent kid turned druggie stripper. I wanted to know he really was going to be okay and the movie ended before that could happen.

In short, if you want to see well chiseled men take their clothes off and don’t care about a story then this movie really is fun to see with a group of your girl friends. If you are looking for a movie with a good plot and excellent acting you might want to see something else.

Has anyone else been to see Magic Mike? What were your thoughts?

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