NaBloPoMo Day 22: But you know what I would do?

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I helped with the Thanksgiving party for G’s class today, along with two other moms. When the kids had finished eating, G’s teachers invited us to stick around for playground time and music.

“But you know what I would do?” one of them said to us as the other read a story to the kids. “I’d sit in my car with just my coffee and my phone. There’s something great about doing that alone. It’s so peaceful.”

The moms and I stuck around for recess. Our kids are buddies and it was fun watching them play. And it was fun chatting with the moms too.

But when recess was over, we took the teacher’s advice and sat in our cars with our phones (I finished my coffee!).

Five minutes before pick up time I realized I was listening to the kids CD. I was bummed I missed my chance to blast some music with swear words, but it was nice to sit in my car without listening to any fighting 🙂

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