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My Visit to LadyBurg

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Back in May I had the opportunity to go to two blogging events. The first one was in the historic part of town at LadyBurg Bath and Body Apothecary. I’d heard of the name and seen their adorable logo many times since moving to Fredericksburg, but never got the chance to go in and check it out.

LadyBurg’s owner, Crystal,  started the business after she and one of her daughters took a soap making class. They make soap, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, lotion, and more all in house!

We got a tour of the store and learned about the products they sell before going on a scavenger hunt to find the products for our goody bags. It wasn’t hard to find the products, but OMGoodness was it hard to decide which scent to pick! Their soaps come in over 75 scents and blends!

Homemade Soap LadyBurg

LadyBurg caters mostly to women, but they really do have something for everyone. In their Baby & Kids line they sell hooded towels and bubble bath solution. Below is a picture of their mini bath bombs. Their Baby Bottom Lotion is supposed to be awesome and I wanted to get some for L to see if it would help his eczema, but because the ingredients mentioned nuts (coconut oil and I can’t remember if almond was mentioned), I decided not to buy it (I might once the allergist can confirm just how strict we need to be about nuts at L’s next appointment). Their baby products are cloth-diaper safe which is so hard to find sometimes!

Mini Bath Bombs
Mini Bath Bombs

LadyBurg has started a men’s line. Their beer soap smelled amazing (I especially loved the Sandlewood scent). I bought Mr. Boots their Muscle Rub in hopes that it would help his hand and knee pains he keeps mentioning.

Beer Soap LadyBurg Virginia

LadyBurg also lets you get creative by letting you create your own yummy smelling products. Just pick out your product and the scents you like and they’ll mix them for you.

The most interesting thing I saw was soap wrapped in Alpaca hair. The hair acts as an exfoliant and is supposed to make the soap last longer. The hair is brought in from a local Alpaca farm, Maranatha Alpaca Farm. I bought a bar because I was curious and yeah, I kinda dig it. Again, it was hard to decide between the Tobacco Flower and Lavender scents, but I opted for Lavender in the end. It’s definitely lasted longer than a bar of soap does for me, and when it’s done I can put the Alpaca hair in a dresser drawer to make it smell nice!Alpaca Felted Soap Bar

One of the products I got to bring home to try was the Lip Sugar Scrub. Ah-Maz-Ing! Bonus? Especially because I don’t have to wash it off with water — I can lick it off!

Near the check out counter they have a table with loose soap, waxes, sea salt, dried flowers — things to make your own creations (like the ones so many of us are probably pinning on Pinterest!). They buy them in bulk so you don’t have to!

If you visit, don’t forget to say hello to Bob the Penguin. This visit was the first I had heard of him, but apparently he’s pretty popular with the customers!

LadyBurg Mr Penguin


LadyBurg Blogger Event
Crystal and the lovely bloggers I met

And they’re expanding! LadyBurg is in the process of setting up shop in Old Town Alexandria. There are many similarities between the two historic towns and I have no doubt they’ll be as loved there as they are here!

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