(Almost) A Year Later: My Take-Home Baby

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Little Guy, aka Baby G, aka Sir, aka Mister G, aka Monkey, aka lots of other names besides his own turned O-N-E yesterday. Both sets of grandparents stopped by to visit him. There were a few more cards to open as well as G’s gifts from Hubby and I (a stuffed monkey and Corduroy the book). Hubby surprised us both and came home early. His dad also left work early so the visit from his parents was earlier than expected, which was great because I didn’t have a clue what to make for dinner so G, Hubby and I were able to go to a local buffet. Yum! G mostly flirted with all the ladies while Hubby and I enjoyed our dinner.

I need to write one last monthly letter to G but I don’t have much time before he wakes up from his nap, so I am going to leave off with these:

2 days old in NICU
1 year old

The NICU was scarier looking that it really was. The doctors didn’t know what kind of infection G had, but I knew he’d be okay. I was just so…sad for him.

I’m so glad he was my take-home baby.

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  1. Sorry I am so late commenting.. just trying to get caught up slowly! But now a HUGE happy birthday to Baby G… or not so baby anymore G!!! 🙂 So amazing to see how grown up he has become over this past year. What a handsome little guy. Sounds like he had a perfect day!

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