Must-Have Home School Visuals for Young Learners

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About halfway through Crisis Learning this spring, I realized our “home school room” was not superconductive to learning. It had the space for G and L to do their work. It had supplies. But as I was trying to help L with writing practice, it dawned on me that a big piece of school was missing from this space: visuals.

Makeshift Homeschool Room during Pandemic
dining room turned distance learning room

It was a real, “DUH!” moment for me. What elementary school classroom doesn’t have the alphabet up on the wall, or posters relating to their curriculum? When L began asking me how to spell certain sight words, I realized that he was probably using the decor on the walls to help him spell words.

Now that we have opted for the boys to do 100% distance learning this upcoming year, I am trying to re-think our home school room set up and part of that is hanging up some fun visuals to help the boys with spelling and math. I’ve been favoriting a bunch that I’ve come across on Etsy and am sharing my favorites with you today!

Must-Have Visuals for Home School and Virtual Learning

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Girl pointing to letter on alphabet poster

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