Monday Snapshot

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When G was a couple months old I got a new camera lens. I loved it — still do! I used it every day until it was time to pack up and move.

Now that camera is in a new camera bag in our storage room. I keep forgetting to bring it out and charge it back up.

Since I haven’t been utilizing the good camera, I have been relying on my phone. It takes great pictures when objects don’t move. It is less than stellar when the subject is moving.

G is usually my subject. And G is an extremely active 7.5 month old. He also loves my phone, even though I have never let him play with it. When he sees me pointing it at him, trying to capture a cute moment, he makes a b-line right for me. So most of my pictures of G are blurry or not as clear as I’d like them to be, especially his face.

But every now and then I get a decent one. Saturday was one of those days. We were looking out the window, watching cars drive by on the street below when G decided to get onto his belly and run his fingers across the bottom of the door frame.

He’s even smiling!

3 thoughts on “Monday Snapshot

  1. I have the same exact problem with Ginny. She sees the camera and heads straight at it. LOL… so many of our pics are blurry shots of her hair. 🙂

    Your little guy is adorable!

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