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* When does play become flirting? I started wondering this as I was watching Peppa Pig with G. Mummy and Daddy Pig were splashing each other in the ocean and I thought, “Aw, they’re flirting!” Then Peppa and George joined in. Then I started thinking that boys and girls playing like that when they are little is just that: playing. When does it turn into flirting? Hmm. I thought back to my childhood and decided 6th grade. Then I felt horrified because, 6TH! GRADE! But sadly, this is when I think something like getting splashed with water or having a ball thrown too hard at you in a game of dodge ball turned into “OOOOOOH! S/HE LIIIIIKES YOU! YOU’RE GONNA GET MAAAARIED!”

* I somehow manage to color coordinate our outfits for the day. Usually G, L, and myself are in the same color; however, yesterday — without meaning to — I chose outfits that called attention to how awesome my boys are. I felt left out. I need a shirt that calls attention to how awesome I am.

* Dinosaur Train made me feel less sad about G not getting enough attention now that L is here. The triceratops had a baby sibling that all the other dinosaurs OOHED and AAHHED over. Triceratops felt left out. It wasn’t until two older triceratops (or is that triceratopses?) came and explained they felt the same way when they got new siblings and how much better it was to be older that the first triceratops felt better. This sounds like life around our house right now: L receives most of the attention because he can’t fend for himself. G gets less of it because he is older and can do some things, like play, by himself. If they made an episode discussing it it’s obviously an issue families with more than one child deal with at some point. I just wish G was old enough to really understand the point of the episode. Oh well. I felt better having watched it. At least I know I’m not alone. I do my best to make sure G gets good attention from me, but it’s hard with a baby.

* The weather is getting warmer and I can actually go for walks. However, my allergies act up when I spend even 2 minutes outdoors. There is one breastfeeding approved allergy med I can take, but apparently it can cause my milk to dry up. This makes me nervous, but I have to be able to take G outdoors and away from the TV now that it’s warmer out. Hopefully it will make me drink more water throughout the day.

* I have a waffle problem. I find myself eating 4 toaster waffles for breakfast before I have a talk with myself on how this isn’t acceptable if I’m going to start trying to tone up and at least maintain my weight since I’m nursing L. But they’re so good…

5 thoughts on “Mommy Musings

  1. I’m feeling the same feelings about Molly being left out and not enough attention being given to her! It’s so hard with a baby who is so dependent on you for everything.

    1. I’m hoping it will get better once L can sit up on his own. Maybe he won’t be so clingy then 🙂

    2. I’m hoping that once L can sit up (or hold his head up during tummy time without getting mad) things will get easier 🙂

  2. I agree.. I’d say around 6th grade is when it turns into flirting.. and then gets more and more from there!! Oh Peppa Pig… we love you! 🙂

    Glad to hear your weather is warming up! As much as I miss winter every year when people post wintery photos, I can’t imagine not being able to easily go in and outside whenever we want without thinking or even putting shoes on. Enjoy!

    Mmmmm waffles!

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