Letters to L: ONE Year

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Dear L,

I’ve been having a hard time grasping the fact you are now one year old. It really doesn’t seem that long ago I was in the hospital giving birth to you.

Maybe that’s because we were at the hospital a couple weeks ago? You had been battling a viral infection and woke up from a nap breathing faster than usual and a fever of 102. I held you close, unintentianally doing skin-to-skin, as we waited for tests, medicine, doctors and nurses. It reminded me of doing skin-to-skin to regulate your temperature after you were born.

You’re better now, thankfully. We didn’t need the inhaler the ER doctor prescribed you. The pink eye that came along with the virus is gone. You’re back to being your smiley and very chatty self.

You started cruising the furniture this month, and you’re getting braver about trying to let go of things when standing. You’ve yet to stand unsupported while being aware you are doing so, but Daddy and I have stood by you while you’ve stood a second or two alone before toppling over.

It has become clear to me that you want to start climbing onto things. Especially the chairs and couches. You have mastered climbing onto the fireplace, your chair, and a stair or two when we forget to lock the gate behind us.

At your last well visit, the pediatrician gave us a list of allergists so we can try and figure out why your eczema won’t go away. We made an appointment with one and you’ll be going later this week. I’m hoping they can give us some advice other than the usual: lotion twice a day, Dove soap, warm bath. I know it may go away with time like it did for G, but your case is a little worse than his.

You still love playing catch and are getting better at throwing a ball. You will also stretch out your arms when you want us to pass the ball back to you (or if you see us playing with G and want to play too).

You want to eat what we are eating. You notice right away when someone has something on their plate that you don’t. You will whine and screech until we give you some. Fries are a food you do this with a lot. If we give you one, you will spit out what’s in your mouth or throw down what’s in your hand for the tastier treat.

Now that you aren’t sick, you’ve been getting better at sleeping through the night. You tend to wake up if you are cold, so I have to remember to turn off your fan at night. I’ve also noticed you sleep better if the house is about 70 degrees. Not the best for the rest of us or our heating bill, but I’d rather you sleep through the night than waking up wanting to cuddle for warmth (even though I do love your cuddles). You’re still taking two naps a day: the first one starts between 9-10am and the second starts between 1-2pm. They last anywhere between 1-2 hours. When you are tired or want to nurse, you will sick your thumb and lay your head on my knee or indicate you want me to pick you up and you’ll lay your head on my chest.

You started pointing to objects just before your birthday and you will say something that sort of sounds like “What’s that?” so we’ve walked around the house naming objects you take notice of.

12 Month Stats:
Clothes: 18mo but pushing 24mo onesies and shirts
Weight: 22lbs
Loves: Pixar Shorts (especially La Luna), Daddy, G, balloons, playing catch, chewing on things, TV
Dislikes: being cold, having your nose wiped, eye drops, when Daddy leaves the room

I love you Lil’ L!

I really wish I had been able to take some good cake pictures; however, it had been a long day and we were out much too late for your liking. You really wanted nothing to do with having your picture taken — or cake.



Just give me a bath and let me go to bed already!!!


One thought on “Letters to L: ONE Year

  1. How so very lovely … I have been wanting to write letters to my little one so many times over the past year, I really need to start, don’t I!

    Your little one is going to look back at all these letters and be so thankful you recorded so many precious moments … so so so special!

    Hope you get to the root of the eczema soon; we’re also battling with dry skin on our little one, not the easiest ‘fight’. #WeekendBlogHop

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