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Letters to L: 10 Months

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Letters to my children via ©Dear L,

It seems as though you have developmental breakthroughs within days of turning another month older.

In the last month you got much faster when crawling. You’ve pulled yourself up to standing a few times, but have been okay just getting up on your knees.

You learned how to wave byebye and will try and say “bye.” You try to say a lot of things: your brother’s name, which I swear has come out fluently a couple times; daddy; mama; hi; catch. Mostly though, you still babble away and we can have seemingly serious conversations with each other only saying things like “goo goo, bah bah, boo.”

10 month CupcakesYou’ve started playing catch (basically whacking a ball until it rolls our way and picking it up when we roll it back to you). This actually keeps you happy and occupied for more than a few minutes, so it’s something I’ve started playing with you while G is taking a nap. Whacking a ball around and chasing after it is also fun for you. As is chasing G around the house. You also really seem to enjoy trying to crawl over pillows and couch cushions that G will pile onto the floor.

You had your first Thanksgiving. You loved all the food, especially the cranberry sauce. You seemed pretty put out that I had some on my plate and your tray was lacking the dark red stuff. You were much happier once I gave you some.


For a while you seemed to prefer solids to nursing. I’m assuming it was due to a pretty bad cold you caught. You really had a hard time breathing through your nose no matter how many times we tried using the nose sucker or saline drops. I think it was just easier to breathe when eating solid foods at meal times. I think we’re finally turning a corner and you can breathe well enough to resume nursing several times a day.

Sleep is still all over the place. You rarely take three naps now. We’re trying to keep you awake three hours between naps now. You can do it, and your second nap overlaps with G’s when we make this work, but you definitely show signs of being tired two hours after waking up. Sometimes it’s hard for me to keep you going that extra hour when I’m the only one home and Daddy or someone else isn’t around to distract you. You’re usually in bed by 6:30pm and are ready to get out of your crib around 7am (though you’ll wake between 5 and 6am). You definitely get up once at night to nurse; however, the time is never the same. Sometimes it’s 10pm, sometimes it’s 1am. I will wait about 10 minutes to see if you’ll settle yourself to sleep, and will go in to nurse you if you can’t. No matter what time that is, you’re usually good until 5 or 6am. Since 5am is technically the end of an 11 hour stretch, I will nurse you then if you start crying. Sometimes you’ll go back to sleep after that feed, sometimes you’ll babble happily to yourself until 7am. I wanted to do some serious sleep training with you over Thanksgiving, but it didn’t seem like the right thing to do when it was obvious you were feeling lousy. I know you can sleep 10-11 hours without nursing; you’ve done it before. I think I’m just so worried about you waking your brother up that I haven’t let you cry it out at night the way I did with him.

No new teeth, though I keep thinking I see something happening on your bottom gums. Eczema is a big issue now that it’s cold outside. I’m considering taking you to a dermatologist because I really am at a loss on what to do after having tried everything the doctor suggested. I think your bad spot on your foot is starting to itch, and your skin is starting to crack open there and on your hand. Your doctor keeps saying you’ll outgrow it, but dang it looks painful.

Overall you’re still a happy little dude. Very go with the flow, which is great! It definitely makes the idea of leaving the house less daunting.

10 Month Stats

Weight: I’m guessing around 21lbs — you’re moving around so much that you seem to be thinning out a little
Clothes: 18 months and some 12 month pants
Likes: attention, food, your sippy cup of water, TV
Dislikes: cold, your brother being too up in your face, toys being taken away from you

10 month old with cupcake muddybootsanddiamonds blog

Next month we celebrate our first Christmas with you and then we start planning your first birthday! This year is flying by!


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