Letters to My Children: L Turns 3

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Dear L,

At the end of January, we celebrated your third birthday. We kept things low-key and really only had a small celebration with Grannie, Papa, your uncles and aunt. A couple days after your birthday you, G, and Daddy came down with a tummy bug, so celebrating with Granma and Granddaddy wasn’t able to happen.

Letters to My Children: L Turns 3 via muddybootsanddiamonds.com

Letters to My Children via muddybootsanddiamonds.com

Your personality is starting to shine big-time now. When we tell you something you don’t want to hear, you say “Oh come on!” We aren’t sure where you picked this up, exactly, though I’ve heard it on Despicable Me 2. You also love to try to make us laugh, whether it’s in trying to tell a joke or making a funny face. You also enjoy singing and have started trying to sing along to the CDs we play in the car.

You are starting to get picky about what food you will eat. You are no longer a fan of cheese unless it’s on a pizza or sprinkled on spaghetti. But you will eat salads and love sliced bell peppers. One of your favorite things for lunch at the moment is cashew butter and pepperoni between Ritz crackers.

Potty training is a work in process. You’re good at telling is when you need to poop (it’s always been a struggle for you), but won’t tell us you need to pee until you’ve started. You’ll go to the potty if we take you (though, sometimes with a fight) an will stay dry as long as Daddy and I remind you when you need to go, so I’m wondering if your hypotonia makes it a little harder for you to sense when you need to pee.

You started preschool and even though you cling to me at the door, your teachers assure me you’re a delight once I am gone. The smile on your face when I pick you up tell me you might be having more fun than you’re telling us.

Cuddles are insisted several times a day and it’s one of my favorite things to do with you. You tell Daddy and I, “Cuddle me” right before bed and when you wake up in the morning you’ll ask us to “Cuddle you.” You’re still pretty good at sleeping through the night, but every now and then you’ll wake up from a bad dream. You won’t tell us what they are about or what/who is in them, but you don’t want to sleep in your bed after having one. You’ve insisted on sleeping in the recliner in your room at nap time because the dreams seem to happen more then. We’ve indulged that request at nap time, but sleeping in your bed at night is a must.

You’ve started enjoying books more. I love seeing you crawl up onto the comfy chair in the playroom and look at books all on your own. You’re really enjoying The Little Airplane and Moo Baa LaLaLa at the moment. But you still prefer to watch the iPad, and have even started asking to watch cooking shows with me.

One of your favorite things to do at the moment is walk around Target and the hardware store. Where you want to go depends on a few things: Who is asking what you want to do (Target = Mommy and the hardware store = Daddy) and who is going with us (you request Target every morning G is in school).

You love animals and don’t seem to show any fear of them. You only need to be shown once how to approach an animal and you’ll do your thing. I wish you weren’t allergic to dogs because you seem to like them best. Today you had school pictures taken with rabbits and came home adamantly demanding we get one. So…we’ll see about that!

Recently, you’ve started reminding me what living with a Threenager is like. There are days I think you’re better at it than your brother was, and I wonder if that’s because you have times where you prefer to be non-verbal, making communication between us difficult. There’s a lot more hitting and throwing coming from you lately. Your meltdowns seem to be soothed with a few minutes of Time Out in an out-of-the-way part of the house.

But Threenager or not, you’re keeping us on our toes. You make us question ourselves a lot, but you bring us such joy! As usual, the days are longer than the years. I can’t believe you’re three as much as I couldn’t believe you were two or one. We love you, Lil’ L!



Letters to My Children: To My Youngest on His 3rd Birthday via muddybootsanddiamonds.com

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  1. That’s beautiful. Such a beautiful idea, too… I think I will write a letter to my son on his upcoming first birthday. You may have just started a tradition for me! 🙂

  2. Oh, and the “cuddle me” request is too cute… Just heard that from another child yesterday… Can’t wait till my son is old enough to request the same (not that he necessarily will be the cuddly type, of course)!

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