5 Favorite Things: The Land of Nod

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I love looking through the Land of Nod catalogs when they arrive in the mail. They have a great selection of toys that appeal to both boys and girls and are great for imaginative play.

The most recent one was probably my favorite since I started receiving them a couple years ago. If I had the money, I would have done all my Christmas shopping from this catalog. But since money is tight, I could only window shop. (Or would that be “catalog shop”?)

5 Favorite Things: The Land of Nod (Winter 2015 Catalog)

I wanted to share the things I loved most, but that quickly became a very long list, so I’ve managed to narrow it down to five:

1. Plush Canoe

 - Day Trip Plush Canoe

All I could think of when I saw this canoe was Thanksgiving time in my kindergarten class. In an effort to teach us about Thanksgiving and Indians and Pilgrims, the our teachers transformed the room. I don’t remember if the other classroom was changed to depict the pilgrims; I just remember that mine had a huge teepee and a canoe, which was sitting on top of some blue paper. There were fishing rods with a magnet at one end so that we could fish for fish, which had a paper clip attached so the magnet would stick to it. I remember going back as a first grader to play with the set up. It was amazing, and something I think they had phased out by the time my little brother was in kindergarten.

If you’d like a fishing set to go with this canoe, Land of Nod has you covered with their Fishing Game.

2. Green Paleo Plush Dinosaur (No longer available)

 - Green Paleo Plush Dinosaur

Someone. PLEASE if you find another one, please buy this. For me. I’ll share with the boys! (Maybe.)

3. Tree House Play Set

 - Treehouse Play Set

I immediately fell in love with this tree house. Definitely not your ordinary doll house. Land of Nod also has a few doll houses, castles, and even a fire house if tree houses aren’t your thing.

4. Kids Play Bowling Pin Set


Kids Sporting Gear: Kids Play Bowling Game Set - Livingroom Bowling Set

I remember getting a toy bowling set when I was around 4 years old. I think the boys would get a kick out of having one too; I just haven’t liked anything I’ve seen in the stores. This sounded like a pretty sturdy set and I love how realistic it is.

5. Executive Nod Chair

 - Dk

The Executive Nod Chair WILL get a post of it’s own from me one day. We love these chairs. The boys each have one downstairs and G has one in his room. When we’re ready to take the recliner out of L’s room, he’ll be getting one of these for his room as well. They aren’t cheap, but they’re holding up very well considering the kind of use they’re getting. Unlike some of the cheaper chairs similar to this one, the foam interior of the Executive Nod comes out, which makes washing the cover a breeze. I have friends who have had to throw away other chairs because they don’t come apart.
Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids

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