And, Just Like That, It’s Over

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I packed up the Christmas decorations over the weekend. It’s a task I hate doing because the house always seems to look so blah once the greenery and the lights and the sparkle goes away.

It makes me feel a little depressed.

I liken the end- of-year holiday season to planning my wedding day. Months of planning and waiting and anticipation before the big day. You become consumed with it all. Then the party is over and things seem so dull and quiet and….suddenly not so busy.

The anticipation build up to Christmas begins before Halloween. There are a couple of months of anticipation. Shopping. Parties. Stressing over how to handle visits to and from family. Visits to Santa. Sparkly lights. Christmas music. People seem a little nicer than usual. Then you open gifts and, just like that, it’s over. Until the buildup begins again next year, though you hope not as early as it did this year.

3 thoughts on “And, Just Like That, It’s Over

  1. That’s a great description of the Christmas season. Must be why they put the Valentine’s Day stuff out so early now. I admit though that I enjoy taking down the Christmas stuff (not in a Grinch way) and feeling like I have space in my house again.

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