Climb Out of the Darkness 2015
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Last year I participated in Climb Out of the Darkness benefiting Postpartum Progress, a non-profit that gives “new families a stronger start by increasing awareness of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, reducing stigma, connecting moms to professional help, and providing peer support to those with maternal mental illness.” I really wanted to lead a team, but with a new baby and feeling overwhelmed by my new day-to-day routine, I didn’t feel I was feeling up to lead my own household, let alone a group of people. Instead, I signed up for a climb with a goal of leading this year.Climb Out of the Darkness 2015

When the announcement that Postpartum Progress was ready to form teams for this year’s Climb Out of the Darkness I immediately sent in my request to be a leader — or Sherpa, as they call them. That same day I became the leader for the Fredericksburg, Virginia team.

I’ve spent the last year thinking up ways to try and raise money and awareness in my community. Noting good locations for walking and possibly picnicking. Figuring out where I could post fliers and submit information about the event in hopes of getting more teammates and raising awareness for something that affects as many as 1 in 7 pregnant and new moms.

Dreaming big. That’s what I’ve been doing on the sidelines. I have no idea how much I’ll be able to accomplish. I have no idea if anyone who does join my team would want to be delegated to. I’ve never done anything like this before and as excited as I am, I’m extremely nervous.

I’m a Sherpa y’all! I like being able to say that.

And I’m so happy I’m in a better place mentally this year to be able to take it on.

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