ICLW: August 2012

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Hi fellow ICLWers!

I’m hopping on to welcome you to my blog. I took this week off to unpack and organize our new apartment, so I don’t really have the time to write something super awesome. (Actually, I could, but Hubby wouldn’t be too pleased.) When I signed up to participate this month I didn’t know we’d be closing on our condo and moving into a new place so close to this week.

A quick run down:

We lost a little girl in an early missed miscarriage the beginning of 2011. I was about 8w4d pregnant when I lost her and didn’t find out until my 12 week appointment. I had a D&C that same night. We found out she had Monosomy X.

I got pregnant with our rainbow baby, Baby G, several months later and he will be 5 months old on Monday.

I was officially diagnosed with postpartum depression at my 6 week follow up appointment after Baby G’s birth; however, I believe it really started after my miscarriage. It was just harder to diagnose because of the loss of a much wanted and much loved baby. My midwife started me on some Happy Pills which I have started weening myself off of in the hopes my hormones and emotions are back to some kind of normalcy (they never really were to begin with). I still have days that I feel like the depression is getting the best of me, but I’m hoping that I don’t have to go back on the meds.

And that’s pretty much it! Since having Baby G I don’t get to blog as often as I’d like, but I hope to write a few posts this week so you all have something fairly new to read when you come visit.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by!

4 thoughts on “ICLW: August 2012

  1. Just curious… if you lost her so early, how are you sure the baby was a she? Did you find out after the d&c? I lost my babies (2 pregnancies) at 5 and 10 weeks, and had a d&c with my second loss, and not knowing the genders has always bothered me. Did your hospital do a gender test afterward? Also, did she have a name?

  2. Hi! I'm sorry for your losses:(Since I had a D&C my OB offered to send everything to a pathology lab to see if they could determine why I lost the baby. That's one of the things they found out; plus, her diagnosis only happens in females. I haven't heard of many doctors who are willing to do that with the first miscarriage; I had read that a lot of doctors will wait until 3+, which I really think sucks, especially if the parents want an answer to "why?".We don't have a name for her — yet! I think we're going to wait until we are done having children to name her though.

  3. Thank you for the support. I stumbled to your blog (I honestly can't remember how now lol) but I was looking for someone somewhere that had had a take home baby after a loss, and you were one of those that I found. Thank you for helping me have hope again. I was told there would be pathology on my D&C too, but I never received results, and have since changed doctors. I think I'd be able to accept the loss more, and move on, if I knew the genders and would be able to name my babies.

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