Hug Monster Father’s Day Card

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Father’s Day isn’t a huge deal around here; Mr Boots doesn’t really like having a big fuss made over him. I have no idea what we’ll be doing this year, but I did have the boys make special Father’s Day card each.

Hug Monster paper craft for children | Hug Monster Father's Day card craft via

Supplies Needed

  • Paper (we used card stock that we had on hand, but construction paper works as well!)
  • Staples, tape, or glue (we used staples)
  • Pencil
  • Marker
  • OPTIONAL: Embellishments (googly eyes, stickers, gems, glitter, etc.)

Cut several pieces of paper into strips. The amount needed will depend on the length you want the arms. The arms on our Hug Monsters were the same length of L and G’s.

Make your paper chain arms, fastening the end of the strips of paper with your desired method (we used staples).

Hug Monster Father's Day card craft via unrelated…Every time I look at these two photos I can’t believe I took them. I keep thinking they’re stock!)

Trace your child’s hands and cut those out. Attach to the ends of each paper chain.

Make your monster’s body! It can be a circle, cloud, heart – whatever you want! I cut out a cloud shape for L’s monster and G traced it onto his piece of paper and cut out his own.

Hug Monster Father's Day Card craft via

Decorate your monster. We drew faces on ours and G decided he wanted help cutting out the mouth on his. We also wrote “Happy Father’s Day” on the monster bodies. G wrote his name above the eyes of his Hug Monster for eyebrows. If we’d had googly eyes I would have used those for sure – there are tons of ways you can make these your own!

Attach the arms to the body and Voila! Your very own Hug Monster!

DIY Monster Hug Father's Day card craft via

If your kids are more cooperative than mine were, you could also make chain legs and trace your child’s feet to attach on the end!

Are your children making their dads something for Father’s Day?

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  1. This is so stinking cute and a great original idea!! Plus the teacher in me really loves the creativeness!! I don’t think I’ll be able to get it together enough this year to make it but it’s definitely a goal for next year!! Thank you!

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