How I Sorta Made $120 Blogging in July

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At the start of every month, I see an increase in income report posts written by bloggers. And because the money I make is on the sporadic side, writing a monthly report hasn’t made sense to me.

How I Made Money Blogging last month via
How I Made Money Blogging Last Month via

But you’re getting one today!

July took me by surprise with not one, but two sponsored campaign opportunities. YaY money, right? So, I decided to write a very real post on how much money went into my bank account in July.

How I Made Money Blogging Last Month via

These types of posts usually go over page views, so I’ll start with that. I had 5,009 page views and 2,928 unique views in July. My highest ever. Most of that is from participating in more blogging networking groups on Facebook. I did a quite a bit of revamping and sharing old posts last month to get them in front of a new audience. Those page views did help with my Ad Network earnings.

Here’s a look into my July earnings:

Money earned:

  • AdSense: $5.04
  • BlogHer/SheKnows Ads: $15.61
  • BlogHer/SheKnows Campaign: $50
  • Linqia Campaign: $69.40
  • Wondrous Ink children’s book review referral: $5
  • Amazon Affiliates: $1.67
  • Share-A-Sale: $0


Though…sometimes you gotta spend money to make money:

  • Linqia Campaign $12
  • BoardBooster: $5


Money Earned – Money Spent = $129.72

I made over $120 in July! Awesome, right??


I don’t get paid by Adsense until I’ve earned $100 (I’m at $43)
I don’t get paid for the BlogHer/SheKnows Ads until I’ve earned $20 (and it takes about a month for them to finalize payments)
I don’t get paid for the BlogHer/SheKnows Campaign until the end of September (two months from the end of the campaign)
I didn’t get paid by Linqia until yesterday.
I don’t get paid my Amazon earnings until I reach $10 (I’m at $2.05)

I earned $129 in July. I got paid differently.

Payments received in July:

  • BlogHer Ads: $21.31 (payment from April and May’s earnings)
  • Wondrous Ink referral: $5


But after taking into consideration what I spent, I only put about $9 into the bank in July. This is before taxes, which I’m responsible for dealing with.

Nine dollars.

That…is a big difference.

My reason for writing this post is that I was once on the fence about monetizing my blog. Income reports helped give me the push. I totally thought I could put $5 or $10 into my pocket every month.

I took the plunge and then quickly learned about thresholds. I became frustrated with “I’m making money blogging” posts. Not everyone discloses they still have $70 to go before meeting the threshold they need to reach in order to receive the money they’ve earned. Or that while they earned $200 that month, it’ll still be two months before they get paid.

And that’s why a post like this has been brewing in my head for the better part of a year. While many of us are earning something by blogging, we’re not necessarily seeing that money hit our bank accounts every month.

Some networks have thresholds to meet. They have different rules for when they pay. I’ve even heard of some programs mysteriously deciding not to not pay bloggers at all.

I don’t regret going self-hosted and trying to earn a few bucks to keep my hobby going. But it’s work. Even after two years, I’m still trying to figure out what works and what’s really worth my time.

Eventually, I should see that $129. I just got paid from Linqia and knowing another $50 check should be deposited in September makes me pretty happy. If I continue to work hard to grow my audience and write evergreen posts, I should eventually reach the thresholds of other programs I use as well. Eventually.

When those deposits get made, I’ll do happy dances. My blogging journey is not keeping me rolling in money, that’s for sure. This month was an anomaly given my track record with getting accepted to sponsored campaigns. I do what I can with whatever free time I have. Payments, however small or sporadic right now, help keep this a self-hosted blog and treat myself to a chocolate pastry once in a while. And if you’re a stay at home parent like myself, you may understand just how much of a treat that chocolate pastry can be.

Plus, money isn’t why I started blogging in the first place. Keeping that in mind makes any amount in the bank a bonus.

If you’re interested in learning more about Linqia or Boardbooster, feel free to click through my referral links below:

  • Linqia – an influencer network for those who have 2,500+ visitors or followers on Facebook or Twitter and a parenting or home/garden niche.
  • Boardbooster – I’ve been using this to schedule pins on Pinterest so I don’t overload people with a hundred pins all at once every day 🙂

I know I may ruffle a few feathers with this post. I’d love to know: do you love reading blog income reports? What do you look for when you read them?

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16 thoughts on “How I Sorta Made $120 Blogging in July

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you! I was really nervous about posting this at all 🙂 The last time I brought up my feelings about income reports in a FB group, it didn’t go over well with some people. But this is information I wish I had seen more of when I had started thinking about earning some money with my blog. Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

  1. Great post. It’s true you think “I’m gonna make all this money!” But nope. It takes lots of time AND work. Keep on Keepin on!!

  2. I love this! I absolutely love reading income reports and have since I started blogging. To be honest, I prefer reading the real ones to the ones that seem unattainable.
    I have a question – why did you have to pay Linqia? Is that how you get sponsored posts with them? I just joined and don’t get how it all works.

    1. I had to pay for the product to review for the Linqia campaign. I got reimbursed for it though, when I got paid for that campaign. It was my first time doing a sponsored campaign with them, so I am not sure if that’s the norm or not.

  3. I really enjoyed this post! It’s helpful to know what is working for other people. I had never heard of Blogher. I need to look into that!!

  4. Thanks for the honesty! I definitely started out in the same place…a little frustrated that I’d “earn” money that I may or may not see for months. The good news is that it gets better! Now most of my affiliates earn the minimum threshold every month and I’ve learned which types of monetizing are worth my time and which aren’t worth the bother. Sometimes it’s about skipping small opportunities so you have time (and energy!) for the good ones. Good luck!

  5. I’m so overwhelmed by blogging and the process of monetizing. I’ll never be rolling in money either and that’s not why I started but a little pocket change is certainly motivating. Thanks for posting!

  6. Thank you! This last spring I started my blog for a number of reasons and this is the first post that has been the most honest. I’ve been getting frustrated with how everyone makes it seem so easy and that they can do this full time just off the money. No way am I ready for that.

    1. I get frustrated too, which is mostly what prompted me to write this post. I think getting to the point where you can live off what you make takes a while for most bloggers.

  7. I actually do like seeing blog income reports because it gives me ideas and alerts me to networks I might not have known about before! Stick with it if you have the time. It will get better!

  8. Thank you for posting this. I always appreciate honesty from fellow bloggers because it helps me to learn and grow from others experience. It’s good to know about the delays in payment as well, that way when I do monetize, I will better know what to expect. Thank you!

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