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Handprint Turkeys: A Thanksgiving Kiddie Craft

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After we voted earlier this month, I felt the need to do something crafty. I’d been taking stock of our craft supplies and came across a handful of feathers that had mostly been used for L’s speech therapy. With Thanksgiving approaching, I thought it would be fun to make paper handprint turkeys. The boys had a lot of fun doing it, so I’m sharing it with you today.

Handprint Turkeys: a thanksgiving kiddie craft | via


handprint turkeys a thanksgiving kiddie craft via

Trace your child’s hand and cut along the line. It doesn’t have to be exact.

Fold pipe cleaner in half and tape to the back of the hand. This will be the turkey’s legs. You could bend the ends to make feet if you wanted.

handprint turkeys a thanksgiving kiddie craft via

Turn the paper over. Apply glue to the fingers and halfway down the palm.

Stick on the feathers.

handprint turkeys a thanksgiving kiddie craft via

Glue or stick a googly eye on the thumb.

I decided to cut out snoods for our turkeys. We used a bit of glue to apply them below the eye.

Handprint Turkeys a thanksgiving kiddie craft via

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that are kind of a big deal, but I do little to no decorating. I guess I feel like I’m slow to clean up Halloween (I *just* put our outside decorations away) and then BAM is Christmas. Or maybe it’s the fact we’re seeing Santa and hearing jingle bells on November 1st. What’s the point in decorating when we’re already onto a totally different holiday? And this year is just weird. There’s been so much doom and gloom and bad news that I’ve been ready for twinkling lights and candy canes since November 10.


Yesterday I was digging through G’s artwork and found a few more turkey crafts he had made the last two years at school. I decided I’m going to stick all of our craft turkeys on the kitchen cabinets to make things appear more Thanksgiving-ish for the lunch we’re hosting for my family on Thursday.


Do you decorate for Thanksgiving?


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