Halloween 2014

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Happy-and-sad-pumpkins G was still grossed out by the “pumpkin guts” and left the carving and scooping to Hubby and I[/caption]

When the Halloween commercials started showing up on TV, I asked G what he wanted dress up as for Halloween. “Uhh. Elephant,” he said. I was hesitant to buy him a costume only to have him change his mind, so I waited as long as I could before ordering one. Fortunately, he never changed his mind!

He didn’t seem to love wearing the costume at first. I had it on him for about .05 seconds before he wanted it off. I thought I was going to have to force him to wear it, but being able to show Daddy the costume seemed to make him love it and resulted in a fit when I told him I had to put it away to “keep it safe” until Halloween

Taking the boys to have their pictures taken in their costumes gave G a chance to have some fun in it. He loved crawling around on the studio floor making elephant sounds. It also gave L a chance to wear a costume as well. I had held on to G’s first costume and luckily it fit L. I was really happy I didn’t have to spend money on something new.

G also got to wear his elephant costume to preschool the day his class had their Harvest Party. Again, he didn’t want to wear it at first, but once he saw the other kids decked out he was willing to oblige. Then I had trouble getting him to take it off when we got home.

Baby Eating Pumpkin
L enjoyed playing with “pumpkin guts” and seemed to find also found them delicious

Since Hubby worked nights and slept days last week, we never had the chance to make a plan for Halloween. Lots of out loud thinking led to confusion, especially about what to do with L. In the end, we put L through his regular nightly routine and he was in bed by 6:30. No trick-or-treating for him but it worked out fine. My in-laws offered to come over and pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters again this year, so both Hubby and I were able to take G out. It was nice spending one-on-one time with G and not have to worry about carting around a cranky 9 month old staying up past his bedtime.

waiting for it to get dark enough to trick-or-treat

We got caught up with one group of older kids who were sort of obnoxious. And by obnoxious I mean pushing their way past G to get candy first, despite the fact we had gotten to the door before they did. And they didn’t say thank you when they were given their treat. It  made me hope that Hubby and I will raise our children to know better than to push little kids out of the way so they get their candy first and teach our children to always say “thank you” when they receive their candy. Gosh, I’m getting old.

This group of kids and their parents all thought G was a little girl. We got lots of, “Hey! It’s the little girl dressed like an elephant again! She’s so cute!” I let it slide. I doubt any of them, parents or kids, would have been interested in being corrected.

This was, like, a 180 from the costume we made him wear last year.

I was surprised at how into trick-or-treating G was. He was hesitant to say “trick-or-treat” when someone answered the door, but had no problem picking out pieces of candy when offered. “Thank yous” were almost inaudible and were mostly said by Hubby and I. But as soon as we turned to leave G was telling us he was ready for the next house and off we went.


I honestly wish I had recorded the experience. Hubby and I were cracking up over the things G was saying while we were walking around the neighborhood.

  • As we went up dark pathways: Hold hands! Got to stick together!
  • While panting up steep driveways and steps to front doors: This is hard work!
  • As we walked down the street: Treats heaaavy!
  • When we offered to carry his bucket of treats for him: Nonono! I carry treats!
  • When we finished trick-or-treating at a house: That house (pointing to another house). Get more trick-or-treats.
  • When we walked towards a stop sign: Bus sign! Stop! (he made us stop and wait a minute before letting us continue).

We went to way more houses than I thought we would. G has been having a good time trying the candy he received. I’m still finding pink Nerds on the kitchen floor from the other day (thankfully he only received one small box of them).

Towards the end of the night we asked G what he wanted to be next Halloween. He answered, “Elephant!”

We’ll see if his elephant phase lasts that long.

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