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How to Protect Your Electronics with Porte Play

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We’ve been busy lately. Not only have we been adjusting to life with a kindergartener, but we’ve found ourselves hitting the road and getting out of town on the weekends.

For any adventure requiring us to be away from home, some level of packing happens. Extra clothes for the boys in case of accidents…L’s Epi-Pen…Snacks. I usually feel pretty good about organizing our stuff for trips, except for one thing: the electronics.

If it’s a fun trip, like the ones we’ve been on recently, my camera is a must. This usually means bringing along some camera accessories: extra battery, SD cards, and battery charger. I have a camera bag, but it’s large and the last thing I want to carry around along with a backpack full of kid gear. My accessories are usually thrown into the front of my toiletry bag or the front of our everyday backpack — which is NOT ideal (fellow photogs are probably cringing reading this!).

If we’re spending the night at a relative or friend’s house, we bring our video baby monitor. I usually unplug those, wrap the cord around the monitors and throw them into a bag, padded by clothes.Getting Out of Town with Porte Play (Review) via #PortePlay #Electronics #Organization

I’m 35. I should do better than throw my stuff into a bag and pray for the best. Especially when I harp on my own kids about taking care of their things.

Organize Your Camera Accessories with Porte Play | Getting Out of Town with Pore Play {review} via
Organize Your Electronics with Porte Play organizers | Porte Play Review via #organization #parenting #travel

Enter Porte Play.

Disclaimer: This review is sponsored by Porte Play. As always, all opinions are my own.

Porte Play offers organization solutions that fit seamlessly in your bag when you’re on the go or to keep your electronics and accessories together and out of the way. I received a few products from them to review and they arrived in time for an impromptu birthday trip to Virginia Beach.

Since we were headed to the beach, I definitely wanted to bring my DSLR with me. Port Play’s Pull-Apart Organizer was great for my camera accessories. There was plenty of room for what I would need for the weekend trip and I was able to put this in the backpack we carry around with us. It was amazing to finally feel like I had a protected place for those things while also having them easily accessible.

The Pull-Apart Organizer is small enough to fit in the backpack or my purse — which means no hassle when I change bags! I love being able to grab the organizer and know that everything I need is already inside.

Porte Play Pull-Apart bag is perfect for taking your camera accessories on the go! | Getting Out of Town via Porte Play (review) via

The Large Organizer is perfect for keeping the baby monitor organized on trips. It’s definitely getting used this weekend when my kids visit their grandparents. The dividers are attached with velcro and removable, so I could move them around to make room for the video camera. The compartments are see-through so the monitor should be pretty easy to identify in the weekend bag.

Porte Play Large Organizer is perfect for packing up and traveling with your baby monitor! - Getting Out of Town with Porte Play (review) via #baby #organization #travel

There was also a little surprise in my shipment: cord organizers! These are very sturdy and could keep the monitor cords extra tidy in the larger organizer. They’re also great for my iPhone earbuds and charger cord which are always getting tangled up, so I’ll probably use them for those.

Organize your electronics and accessories with Porte Play {REVIEW} via

Porte Play also sells a Tablet Case, which I have my eye on for the Leapfrog tablet we have. I rarely have the cords for that in close proximity to the tablet. Actually, I rarely know where the cords are at any given time. Having all of those things in one place would be amazing, saving a lot of time when we decide to travel with it.

Everything was well made and seems extremely sturdy, which is something I look for if I’m going to be using it frequently. The products come in a variety of colors, so there’s sure to be something to suit everyone’s style. Their various sizes and functions mean you’ll be able to keep your most-used electronics organized and within reach when you’re on the go, whether you’re traveling with a suitcase, backpack, purse, or diaper bag!

Check out all that Porte Play has to offer to keep your gadgets organized and accessible by visiting their website.

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