Flower Pot Craft: “Thank You for Helping Me Grow”

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I loved the teachers G had for preschool this year (once things settled down). For a few hours a couple times a week they helped him learn his alphabet, numbers, colors, encouraged a love of arts and crafts, and got him potty trained!

I wasn’t really on the ball when it came to a Christmas gift, so I wanted to make sure I did something special for them at the end of the school year.

I have a lot of teacher friends. And a lot of them like to post friendly reminders on what they find most appropriate when it comes to teacher gift-giving. Many of them said avoid homemade things.

Queue eye roll from me. Sorry, but I think a homemade gift for a teacher who encouraged creativity is way better than a bottle of wine for one I don’t even know drinks.

I saw a few “Thanks for helping me grow” gifts on Pinterest, so I decided to make them each a “Thanks for Helping me Grow” flower pot. I filled it with crayons that they could possibly use with their students next year (or their own kids). But to make it look pretty, I decided to attach artificial flowers to the crayons.

Thank You for Helping Me Grow flower pot appreciation gift via www.muddybootsanddiamonds.com


Flower Pot Craft Supplies

First, I wrote “Thanks for Helping Me Grow” on each flower pot using the paint pens (colors chosen by G). Then I sprayed the pots with sealant, just in case G’s teachers decided to use them for, you know, growing things.

Thanks For Helping Me Grow Flower Pot

The artificial flowers came in bunches, so while the pots dried I cut the bunches into smaller pieces and attached them to crayons using green copper wire. You could use any color wire, really. I choose green to match the flower stems.

Orange Crayon Copper Wire Artificial Flower Craft

Flower Pot Teacher Appreciation Gift 2

When the pots were dry, I used the paper the cashier wrapped the them in at check-out to fill in empty space to keep the crayons from flopping around the pot.

Flower Pot Teacher Appreciation Gift 8

Then I added the crayon-flowers! I had also bought a couple of chalkboard garden markers at the craft store for $1.00 a piece. I wrote G’s teacher’s names on them using the paint pens so they’d know which pot belonged to who (I didn’t have time to give each of them their gifts when I picked G up his last day. While the gift might have been a step up from Christmas, my timing wasn’t.)

Flower Pot Teacher Appreciation Gift 9

Remember the Clothespin Caterpillar craft I wrote about last week? We had so many I attached one to each pot.

Flower Pot Teacher Appreciation Gift 3

What kinds of gifts do you buy the teachers in your life? If you’re a teacher, what kinds of gifts do you like receiving from your students?

5 thoughts on “Flower Pot Craft: “Thank You for Helping Me Grow”

  1. This is so cute! I’m thinking too – it’d be cute to add a hand print on the side. Either way, love the idea! The little caterpillar is adorable too!

  2. These are soooo cute!!! Parents who do special things for their child’s teachers are just so so incredible-just putting that out there. So many teachers work so hard, and with very little thanks, so I’m sure something like this is so appreciated! Thanks for sharing <3

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