Dear Baby J: ONE Year Old

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Dear Baby J,


I’m struggling with what to write today because it’s all bittersweet. You’re still my baby, but not really a baby. You took off walking a day or two shy of your first birthday, and now it’s mostly how you get anywhere now. There’s something about watching you toddle around that makes you look much older. 

Your first year ended the same as it began: stuck at home. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world to shut down a bit. It took me so long to feel up to taking you out after you were born, that I feel like we’ve been stuck at home for a year with no end in sight. Now that you’re walking, we’re getting the back yard ready for more opportunities for you to play safely. Hopefully, that helps.

The pandemic closed schools, so you’re having a real lesson in patience as I try to help your brothers with their school work. You love being part of their Google Meets or L’s Zoom meeting with his speech therapist and get upset when I take you away from the computer.

I think you know something is different due to the pandemic. Maybe you can sense my anxiety. Suddenly, your brothers are doing school at home. Daddy is home random days some weeks. We are still figuring out a solid routine, and I think you do better when you have one. Sleep has gotten better, but if one thing is different about your day (even Daddy being home) then it throws your nap schedule off. You’ve also become a lot more cuddly with me since we started social distancing.

You have no fear. I’ve sat back and watched you climb onto the coffee table and couch by yourself using toys as step-stools. Now that you’re walking, you move around much more quietly. Sometimes I won’t hear you enter a room. You’re much more curious than your brothers were at this age and are getting into drawers, bins, and attempting the kitchen cabinets. Daddy went around the first floor of the house and replaced outlets with childproof ones because you figured out how to remove the outlet covers.

Your first birthday wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I was looking forward to a party with family and friends who have helped us out over the last twelve months. Instead, we threw you a mini-family-centered party. We FaceTimed and Skyped with relatives. I made you your own cake and decorated the house a little. We opened gifts that relatives mailed since we couldn’t see them in person. You knew the day was all about you though and loved the attention — whether it was in person or on a screen. You’re a ham in front of cameras!

You’re still working on a bottom tooth. I had expected it to emerge when one of your others did back in February, but it’s taking its sweet time! The NP we saw for your one year well check said your molars are beginning to work their way up as well.

At that visit you were 22lbs. You’re healthy and developing on track. You’re wearing 18-month clothes and should be getting your first pair of shoes tomorrow!

You’re keeping me on my toes and I can’t wait to see what this next year is going to be like. I love you so much, Baby J!


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