Dear Baby J: 8 Months

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Dear Baby J,

You’ve begun recognizing your name. Sometimes I’ll say it in my Warning Voice and you’ll stop whatever it is your doing (usually trying to chew on something you shouldn’t) for a brief moment before grinning and going back to what you were doing. 

You’ll also come to me if I say “come see me” and wave you over.

Your First Thanksgiving was spent at your grandparents’ house fighting a nap. You finally fell asleep about half an hour after the rest of us sat down to an early dinner. When you woke up, you happily chowed down on some green beans your Great Aunt made. Green beans that are cooked to death are a favorite of yours.

We went to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg to check out their Christmas Town lights. You met Santa Claus for the first time and seemed to be okay with him until your brothers stood by you for a group photo. 

Peek-a-Boo is still your favorite game. You enjoy playing it at dinner when your brothers are at the table to play with you. We’ve also been working on waving and giving high-fives.

Our day goes more smoothly when we’re on a schedule, so I dread what Winter Break will be like in a couple of weeks. You know that once we get your brothers onto the bus it’s time to nurse and take a nap. That nap is still your best, lasting anywhere between 1.5-2 hours. 

You came down with RSV at the beginning of December. We might not have even known if you hadn’t been sick at the same time as G. We took him in to get tested for strep and figured I’d have you looked at, too. I was sure I’d be told you just had a cold, so I was surprised when the test for RSV was positive. It wasn’t a bad case and you were feeling better in about a week.


Really no change from last month. I get up with you at least twice in the night to nurse you.


Daddy is (finally) becoming a favorite person of yours and will smile and crawl to him when he gets home from work. You’re still wary of people you don’t see very often and will look at me or Daddy for reassurance.


You’ve started squatting down to get a toy and stand back up with it. You’re cruising and are a quick crawler, but haven’t stood on your own yet.

You understand “No.” You’ll stop what you’re doing, but most of the time will smile at us and go back to whatever it was that got you into trouble in the first place.

Next Up:

Your First Christmas!

I love you, Baby J!

~ Mommy

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