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Last month, Parade Magazine had an article about adult coloring books. Apparently it’s all the rage right now. I only got hooked because a friend of mine posted a picture of one of her colorings on facebook, stating she felt a little more zen once she finished.

Zen? I like zen. I like to color. I bought my first “adult” coloring book on a whim at Michael’s and now I’m hooked. “In” or not, coloring truly does help me calm down. Something I’ve needed this year with organizing my first-ever Climb Out of the Darkness event, being home with both boys during summer vacation, and now attempting to wean off Zoloft. It’s so simple, coloring. Yet it really does help bring you some peace.

I got to the end of Parade’s article and they mentioned they were going to host a contest: Color Me Parade. They gave you a few color pages to print out and color. It was an Instagram contest, so entrants needed to tag Parade Magazine and use  #ColorMeParade with each entry. Since I was coloring in my Mandala coloring book nearly nightly. I was already sharing my work on Instagram. So, I decided why not? It was easy enough to enter. Winners would receive a pack of Posh adult coloring books.  I am a little more than halfway through my Mandala book and have been pondering whether or not to splurge and order another book to color in so I printed out a few pages that spoke to me and colored those instead of mandalas for a few days.

I won! A few days ago there was a knock on my door and a package containing these lovelies was sitting on our porch:

Adult Coloring Books

Dilemma solved. I have three more books to look forward to zoning out to.

I posted a few entries, but my very first was chosen as a winner.

Color Me Parade Contest Muddy Boots and DIamonds

It was the cover of that week’s edition of Parade Magazine. I loved getting to color it my way.

There were SO many awesome entries. Parade decided to choose 13 winners instead of the original 5, and I don’t blame them. There are people out there with some amazing coloring skills 🙂

Thank you, Parade Magazine, for choosing me as a winner. You can check out the other entries by looking up #ColorMeParade on Instagram.

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