#ClimbOut of the Darkness: Update

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I mentioned I had big ideas and mental lists of how I wanted to raise money and tell people about my Climb. Some of the ideas I’ve had in my head all year have actually come to something:

* I’ve been trying to email at least two people or companies a week asking for donations. My printer is out of ink, but once I remedy that I plan to mail a donation letter and information about Postpartum Progress to area hospitals and pediatricians.

* I told my therapist I’m leading this event, and she will (hopefully) be looking into Postpartum Progress. We had a short conversation about all the misinformation there is and how bad it is when medical professionals working with pregnant/postpartum women don’t give the correct information, causing panic.

* I decided to email the doulas I worked with last year. The one that attended L’s birth wrote back and said she would look into joining a climb — and she wants to share my email with her local doula group. I’m sad she can’t join my Climb (both doulas moved to the mid-west shortly after L was born), but I’m excited she wants to be involved.

* I reached out to our local Stroller Strides owner and she wrote back asking if I could come talk to her class once she finalizes her April calendar. I’m excited but extremely nervous about this. I don’t do public speaking.

* I reached out to a local consignment sale and asked if I could give them flyers to hand out. They said I could drop off 300 of them and they’d put them in shopping bags for the first 300 shoppers at the sale. The sale happened last week, so we’ll see if I hear from anyone new soon.

So far my team is made up of Mr. Boots’ side of the family. One of his aunts was the first to register, which really is touching. I have no idea how many people will register outside of family. This very well may end up being a family affair. I keep reminding myself that that has to be okay is okay. Whatever I do this year will hopefully plant a seed. Maybe next year the seed will sprout and people will remember and want to participate.

I have to remind myself that I’ve never done something like this before and I can’t expect a huge turn out with huge donations (although I can dream, right?).

I also have to remind myself I am still climbing and what I’ve accomplished so far is pretty freakin’ awesome.

I’d love your help!

Join a climb near you. Don’t let the word “climb” put you off. Many of the Climbs aren’t super fancy. It’s all about supporting each other and being out in nature. My team is just going to go for a walk at a local park and there’s a good chance the Climbs near you will be doing something similar.

Donate! I really want to raise $1,000 — double what I raised last year. I’d love your help in reaching that goal. See that donation box in the upper left corner? I’d so appreciate it if you clicked it to make a donation. Does your company offer matching donations? Let me know if you need info on Postpartum Progress to make that happen. Want to know how your money will be used before you make a donation? You can read about how Postpartum Progress uses donations here.

Share this post! I only know so many people and I’d love help spreading word about Climb Out of the Darkness and Postpartum Progress. Remember, 1 in 7 women suffer with postpartum depression. About one million women in the US alone suffer from maternal mental illness; however, only 15% get help. You never know who you may help as many women suffer in silence.

Climb Out of the Darkness 2015

What? You don’t live in the US? That’s okay! This is a worldwide event and Postpartum Progress has helped women in Canada, UK, and Australia, among others. If there isn’t a climb near you and you’d like to participate, you can start your own! Even if all you do is take a walk around your neighborhood 🙂

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  1. Good for you raising awareness and support for a good cause. It’s not an easy task. Each year, I organize a team for the Komen Race for the Cure. Thanks for sharing on Small Victories Sunday link up.

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