A Christmas Eve Tradition

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Pinterest inspired me to start a Christmas Eve tradition. I saw this idea years ago, but this was the first year I got around to making it happen: new pajamas and a book for the boys.

Our New Christmas Eve Tradition: new PJs and a book from Elf on the Shelf via

Target made it easy on me when they had a sale on pajamas last month. My mom had bought G a pair of dinosaur pajamas a few months ago that he’s been obsessed with, so I bought G another dinosaur set from Target to hopefully lessen the number of fits he has when we tell him his favorite pajamas are waiting to be washed. I went with a monkey set for L. For their book, I bought Can You See What I See? Christmas Read-and-Seek because both boys seem to be enjoying search and find books lately. (ETA: They’ve continued to love this book throughout the year!)

I decided that our Elf on the Shelf would be the one to deliver the boys their gifts. While Mr Boots was getting the boys ready for bed last night, I snuck downstairs with the wrapped gifts and a note from The Elf.

Christmas Eve Tradition: New pajamas and a book from our Elf on the Shelf via

The boys were awesome and waited until I had read them The Elf’s note before tearing into their gifts. L immediately wanted to look through the book and was intrigued by the monkeys on his new pajamas. G was excited that his pajamas had dinosaurs on them, but seemed underwhelmed otherwise.

I had hoped we’d spend the day waiting for Mr Boots to come home from work dressed in our PJs and watching Christmas movies, but G fought me on almost everything I suggested we’d do this morning.

I waited until after breakfast to get the boys dressed in their new pajamas. L had no issue with being changed out of one pair of pajamas into another. But G, oh G threw a fit. He insisted that the new PJs were too itchy and weren’t comfortable. This is his complaint whenever something isn’t going his way. Once I made it clear that he would wear the pajamas for a couple of pictures he seemed to accept defeat, but insisted that he would pose with his shirt lifted to keep it off his skin. After I took a few photos he took the shirt off and a few minutes later asked me to put it back on him. He stayed in his Christmas Eve pajamas until lunch.

christmas eve tradiiton via
A lovely moment happily playing side by side.

I’m not sure G will ever wear the pajama top to bed; he loves his white undershirts so I’m glad I was able to get some pictures of him in the full ensemble.

Now I’m off to prep for a Christmas Eve tradition that has already been happening for a couple of years: Crusties for dinner! (Those familiar with Pinterest have probably know them as Pizza Rolls.)

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

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