Candy-Free Easter Baskets

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Guess who just recently threw away a bunch of candy from Halloween?

This mom.

Guess who has a bunch of candy from Valentine’s Day?

This mom’s kids.

Said kids also recently received a bunch of candy via a favorite aunt and Easter egg hunts at school. So, yeah. Our Easter Bunny isn’t too keen on stuffing their Easter baskets with sugary treats.

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I try to keep their Easter experiences mostly candy-free, but I usually end up failing. Even if the candy doesn’t end up in the baskets, it ends up in the plastic eggs and we’re throwing away Easter candy at Halloween.

Not this year! I’ve bought the boys a small bag of Hershey-ettes each and a bag of jelly beans to share among the four of us. And I’m totally taking some of the candy they have in their candy stashes to fill the Easter eggs for our hunt on Sunday. (Hopefully they won’t notice.) But I haven’t gone crazy buying individual bags of jelly beans, or peanut-free chocolate rabbits, or spring colored Skittles. Their relatives and school-friends can give them those things. I’m going to keep things more practical (but hopefully still fun at the same time).

I’m actually pretty stoked about the boys’ Easter basket treats this year. I try to keep up with the “something to wear, read, something they want and need” concept. I sort of accomplished that:

This is G’s Easter basket:

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He’s really into sharks and Old Navy has a bunch of shark-themed shirts in stock right now. We’ve recently discovered StoryBots on Netflix — if you haven’t seen it, DO! Heck, your kids might already know about them because they’re on YouTube too. It’s adorable and educational. I was excited to see they have books as well 🙂

This is L’s Easter basket:

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He chose “Pig the Winner” at a recent book fair, so I thought it would be a good idea to have the first book, Pig the Pug, in his library. He really loves bugs and I found a National Geographic Future Bugologist shirt at Old Navy while I was looking for G’s shirt.

As you can see, we’ve crossed over into tiny Lego territory. These sets are bigger than what I originally wanted to get, but Toys R Us had them on sale, making them slightly cheaper than the other stores I usually shop at. So I splurged on a larger set each.

Target’s Dollar Spot is such a weakness of mine. The boys love Tic-Tac-Toe and I found these sets there. You paint your own X’s and O’s (or whatever, really) on stones to play. I also bought them gardening gloves so they can (maybe?) help me with yard work this spring, or at least help plant those sunflower seeds.

One thing I kept in mind is that Spring Break is the week after Easter. While we have some appointments during the week, we will have a lot of free time. I wanted to include things that would keep them entertained while they are home from school. Hopefully, my plan works out well.

What is going in your child’s Easter basket this year?

8 thoughts on “Candy-Free Easter Baskets

  1. I’m with you on the too much candy! This year we are putting a backpack, board game and bubbles in my 3 yr old’s basket, and clothes and a lovey in my 5 month old’s basket.

  2. I actually did pretty good this year and got the girls a very minimal amount of candy but I agree, they get wayyy to much!

  3. These are perfect! We did the switch witch this year for halloween and it turned out perfect. Our kids didn’t even miss the candy like I thought they would because they both got a toy they really wanted! I am all about having less candy at home.


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