Bumps and Blueberries

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G got his first real scratch today. It is on his forehead for all to see, unlike the bruises that keep appearing on his shins and top of his head. My parents aren’t sure how he got the scratch. It really could have been from anything. He is getting into so much now, and he likes to get himself into tight spaces (pics to come of that soon).

This week’s new food has been blueberries. G squishes them in his mouth and chews (tongues?) them a bit before spitting out the skin. He seems to like them, despite what he looks like below (the smiley pictures were blurry). If anything, he likes being able to feed himself. The most I can get him to eat from a spoon is his oatmeal. G refuses anything else and will only eat if he can put it in his mouth himself. What is interesting is that he seems to spoon feed from my mom much better. But he doesn’t take the bottle well. My theory is that when he is with me it’s either boob or do it himself and when he is with my mom he will eat solids in any form because it is better than the bottle.

I will say it is way easier to just give G a piece of what we are eating, so I roll with it when I can.

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  1. Oh my, this photo of him and his little forehead scratch is just adorable!! Alidia has been getting bumps and bruises way too much lately since she has been getting into EVERYTHING.

    Mmm blueberries! 🙂

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