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I feel like everyone’s kids in the United States has gone back to school except mine. G doesn’t have his first day until September 16. THAT IS NEARLY AN ENTIRE MONTH AWAY! Last year he started the first week of September, before Labor Day. Now he’s starting a week after it.

Since G is going into his second year of preschool, I don’t have to worry about getting supplies like I did last year. I’m making him use the backpack and lunch box we got him last year. He doesn’t need pencils or paper or crayons. All he needs is fall/winter clothes and shoes.

As usual, I’m going to try and get what I can at consignment sales. But sometimes what I’m looking for can’t be found. I have a really hard time finding pants for G at the sales. He is tall and skinny and always had the problem of pant legs being fine but the waists being too loose. I’m learning to look inside the waist for the adjustable waist strap on any pants or shorts I buy for him. This feature has been magic for keeping G’s pants on without having to worry about a belt! The trouble is, now that I know adjustable waits exist, it’s been hard to find them in the pants I’d like to get G.

I’m very surprised at how hard it can be to find pants with adjustable waistlines. It seems to me they’d be standard since most young kids have trouble just pulling up their pants, let alone use a belt (hello potty training!?). I know they make a type of belt that attaches to the belt loops on the back of your child’s pants; we used to have one. But that thing went missing months ago. With adjustable waist straps, you don’t have to worry about anything. Set and forget until your child grows or you have to pass the pants onto the next one! Gymboree offers some pants with this feature and has become one of my go-to brands for them. I don’t mind paying extra for pants with this amazing feature.

G has become obsessed with a hooded sweatshirt jacket recently and whines when I have to put it in the hamper to wash. He loves it so much he’s slept in it a few times (may I remind you it’s August and 95 degress outside?). I came across this adorable Dino Hoodie while looking through Gymboree’s website. It’s got a tail. A tail! I’ve seen tutorials on how to make your own dino hoddies on Pinterest, but if you’re not crafty or just don’t have the time, Gymboree also offers a bear, cat, monster, bat, and zebra, among others.

During the warmer months, I’m a fan of dressing my kids in polo t-shirts. This has surprised me, as I’ve never thought myself as preppy and never thought I’d dress my kids preppy-ish either. (Take THAT pre-mom self!) During the winter time I’m usually drawn towards cotton tops, but I’m seeing a lot of plaid lately. Both in stores and at consignment sales. I’m thinking about adding a few plaid shirts for G’s wardrobe this year.

Have your kids gone back to school already? Where do you like shopping for their back-to-school clothes?

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