Baby G: Five Weeks

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LettersToMyChildrenLogoDear Baby G,

Five weeks! Wow. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was told I was going to give birth to you and now you’re over a month old. Time really does fly by. In three weeks I’ll have to go back to work and this make me very sad.

You seemed kind of off over the weekend. You slept a lot on Saturday and wouldn’t really eat Sunday morning. I don’t know if it was because I had Daddy get up with you in the night and he had to bottle feed you or if you weren’t feeling well.

We had your picture taken on Sunday. I knew you would want to be fed when we got to the mall for pictures so we took a bottle of breast milk with us. I was right and as Daddy was about to plug in the bottle warmer, he realized we didn’t bring a nipple for the bottle. You and I struggled to breastfeed in a tight space in the back seat of Daddy’s truck. I realized I need some help learning a new way to feed you that doesn’t involve a pillow, which is what I use every time I feed you at home. You did pretty well for your pictures. You really didn’t have a melt down until we tried getting you dressed again. By then you needed to poop and were uncomfortable, then you were hungry and had to wait while our pictures were being processed. You seemed back to normal when we got home and you finally ate.

We had your one month check up yesterday. You were very good and I was thrilled that everything was timed right. You ate before we left, you slept some, and you didn’t want to be fed again until after we got home. The doctor’s office wasn’t busy, and I’m sure that worked to our advantage. You got your second round of the Hepatitis B vaccine. I’ve heard of so many mothers who cry when their children get shots. I didn’t. I felt sad, especially with how the nurse wanted to pin you down. She had your legs between hers and had Daddy hold your arms down. Not what I was expecting at all!. No. I cried when the nurse practitioner you saw asked how I was doing. I burst into tears and had a five minute conversation about postpartum depression. I got orders to see my doctor and/or a counselor to talk things out.

You’re starting to grab things other than my hair. I swear you were trying to pull my shirt away from my boob while I was getting ready to feed you yesterday. I put you on your play mat and you finally grabbed one of the rattles that hangs off of it. I love that a small accomplishment such as that brings me such joy.

Yesterday you sat on Daddy’s tummy and smiled every time he stuck his tongue out at you. Then you burped. It could have been gas, but your whole face lit up so I think you were smiling for real.

I have started giving you Tummy Time. I know I should have started this weeks ago, but you’ve been so good at holding your head up when we hold you that I didn’t think much of it. You seem to enjoy it. Your back legs scoot back and forth like you’re trying to crawl. You managed to shuffle yourself forward a few inches the other night.

I think we’ll be having the “no hitting” talk sooner rather than later. You have already taken to hitting me if I don’t give you want you want right away. I keep telling you that Daddy and I will always give you what you need, but it may not be right when you want it, but you don’t seem to care right now.

I’m trying out cloth diapers to see which ones you and I like using. They have been a lifesaver over the last couple of days because Daddy and I haven’t had a chance to get to the store for disposable diapers. You scream every time I put them on you though. But you’ve also started doing that for disposable ones as well so I try not to take offense. Every time I think I’ve narrowed my choice of cloth diaper brands down to one or two, I change my mind.

We have started a nighttime routine. It goes something like: feeding, bath time, cuddles, feeding, bed. I think it’s starting to be my favorite part of the day because you’re all clean and cuddly. We’ll put you to bed around 10pm and we usually don’t have to get you up again until sometime between 2 and 3am. The stretch of sleep is wonderful. After that, it’s a 50/50 chance on whether you’ll sleep until 6am or if you will get up between 4 and 6am. I don’t mind the 2am feeding since I started going to bed when you do, but I can do without the 4 or 5am one. When I have to return to work I’ll have to get up at 6 to get us ready for daycare and working. If we could skip the 4/5am feeding so we could sleep more, I’d appreciate it!

I can’t remember if I mentioned it already, but you love the bath! Daddy and I were prepared for a lot of uncooperativeness from you, but you really seem to enjoy it. Until we take you out. Then you’re cold and you hate that. But I can handle that over a wet, soapy, squirmy, unhappy baby in the tub.

Here are some additional facts about you so far:

Weight: 12lb .5oz — 94th percentile!

Likes: my hair (still), staring out windows, staring a lights, staring at objects of contrast, grabbing things, hitting me, tummy time, car rides, walks

Dislikes: gas, pooping, naps, possibly the cloth diapers I insist on putting you in during the day

I love you!

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