Baby G: 3 weeks (and 1 day)

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LettersToMyChildrenLogoDear Baby G,

You are 3 weeks [and one day] today!

The space shuttle Discovery flew over Dulles Airport twice this yesterday morning before landing at the Udvar-Hazy museum where it is making its permanent home. I wanted to walk up to the top of the parking garage to have a look at it flying over (you can see the airport from up there) but you decided to feed both times it flew over. Instead, I watched it live on TV. Daddy said he saw it a couple of times while he was at work.

I’m surprised at how well you hold your head up when Daddy and I hold you. You started doing this several hours after you were born. I won’t forget it. The nurse put you on my chest so we could give breastfeeding a try. You pushed yourself up with your arms and held your little head in the air for several seconds and then started crawling for a breast. You’ve been a champ at holding your head up ever since.

I gave you some tummy time yesterday and you started scooting yourself forward. I wasn’t surprised; you have started crawling up my chest now when there is something interesting to see. I’m thinking you may be crawling sooner than we thought.

Your favorite things to look at are the couch cushion, my hair, and the lights on the ceiling. You prefer sucking on our fingers instead of a pacifier. You have yet to stick a thumb in your mouth, but you will try sticking your entire hand in there.

You hate passing gas and poop. When you’re gassy there isn’t any consoling you. At least not by me. Daddy is much better at that than me. I think my boobs distract you. You do, however, like to poop on me and the changing table when I am the one changing you. You seem to enjoy peeing on Daddy when he changes you. The pee comes without warning, even if we try to keep you covered up while we change you. I’ve noticed that you have started letting out a little baby fart before projectile poop starts happening. We have a swing that plays music that seems to calm you down and relax you enough to poop. I’ve dubbed the swing the “Poopy Swing” for this reason.

In the last week you have started producing tears when you cry. When I saw this for the first time it broke my heart. You don’t seem angry or annoyed now when you cry. The tears add another level to your emotion now.

We have managed to make a few trips outside the house to places other than the doctor’s office. Two to Panera and one to Target. You were so fascinated by the lights in Target that I think they distracted you enough to let me do a quick shopping trip before you started crying. We left and I realized that I didn’t actually pick up what I went in there for so we’ll be making that adventure again soon. You seemed to enjoy the car ride to Target. I may try driving you around the next time you give me a difficult time to see if it calms you down.

I took you to your first non-routine doctor’s visit last week. You seemed to be having a hard time. You’d had diaper rash for a few days, your cord stump seemed to rip off by accident when I tried picking you up to burp you after a feeding and the area was tender, and your nose was stuffy. The nurse weighed you and you came in at 9lbs 9oz. You gained about another pound from the week before! The doctor said you were just fine. Your belly button looked good; we just have to clean it when we give you a bath. The diaper rash was looking better, but it could take a couple of weeks to go away (this made me sad because I’ve been itching to put you in your cloth diapers but would rather wait until your rash has healed). Apparently it’s normal for newborns to have stuffy noses for the first 2-3 months. The doctor said it’s usually from the baby adjusting to its environment (we’ve heard that a lot in the last three weeks) and that breastmilk can make its way up the baby’s nose and dry it out. We have to put saline drops in your nose 2-3 times a day. You don’t like it at first, but you seem to calm down when you realize you can breathe out your nose again.

We gave you your first bath last weekend. I thought you would hate it and cry the whole time, but you actually seemed to enjoy it until we took you out and you got cold. It was so nice to be able to sit you down in some water and bathe you instead of sponging you off.

You have amazed me each and every day so far, Baby G. I love you so much (even when I can’t console you)!


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