There Are No Great Options: Going Back to School During a Pandemic

I’m one of the millions of parents with the daunting task of deciding how my children will learn in the 2020-21 school year.  Our school district gave us three options: Hybrid: Students will be split into two groups. Group A would go to school Monday/Tuesday and Group B would go Thursday/Friday. The days kids weren’tRead more

Food Allergy Moms Have an Edge in the Pandemic

Back in February, when most of us were really realizing that a novel coronavirus was spreading throughout the world, we were reminded again and again about the basic rules of hygiene. And again and again, I was caught between disgust because grown-ass adults need to be reminded to wash their hands like they’re six andRead more

The Silver Linings of Crisis Schooling in a Pandemic

As I said a few weeks ago, life got turned upside down for EVERYONE. I think the toughest change for my family has been school. I’ve seen the new way of educating called different things: distance learning, quarantine schooling, homeschooling, and (my personal favorite) crisis schooling. It doesn’t really matter what you call it; nothingRead more

Make a Statement with These Fun Pandemic Tees

Humor can play a roll in coping with a stressful situation. I’m finding that I’m turning to it more often now that we’re in week eight of our Stay At Home order during the pandemic. Even when I go out, wearing a mask makes it difficult to talk or let people know I’m smiling. IRead more

Cheers to Us: This Pandemic Thing Sucks

I thought about writing a post about activities to do with your kids. About writing a post sharing the supplies and resources I’m using to homeschool my kids. Or the games and toys my kids are using now that they’re home from school for the remainder of the academic year. But the truth is… IRead more