26 Weeks 1 day

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Dear Little Guy,

We went to your follow up anatomy scan on Monday. The choroid plexus cyst has dissolved. The news made me breathe a sigh of relief, even though deep down I knew there was nothing to worry about. I had been surprisingly calm during the last six weeks. I didn’t start worrying until the ultrasound tech started measuring things in your brain. But the doctor said that everything looked great!

You measured 2lbs 4oz (give or take 5oz), which is still a little big for about 26 weeks. I’m thinking you’re at least two and a half pounds now. I asked the doctor if your size changed my due date at all. He said no, if you continue to grow larger it just means I’ll have a larger baby. We can thank Daddy for that.

Your kicks started getting a lot stronger on Sunday and I can feel you rolling around and move positions more frequently. I love it! You’re starting to kick and punch me in the middle of my belly more often now, but there are still plenty of times you’re jabbing me below my belly button. You’re quiet today. I won’t lie; it makes me nervous when you aren’t active. But I also can’t feel your body pressed up against the front of my tummy like you’ve done during the last couple of days, which makes me think you’ve just found a different spot to hang out today.

We went on a tour of the hospital we’re planning on delivering you at. It made everything a little more real to me. I realized that you could come at any point now, although I still hope you wait until March to do so :o)


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