24 Weeks 1 Day

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Dear Little Guy,
You’ve reached another milestone today! 24 weeks and 1 day. Starting today you have a better chance of surviving if you decide to make your appearance before you’re full term. This makes me a happy mommy. I just hope you hold on until closer to your due date. You still have some baking to do!

You haven’t been too active during the last couple of days, but you still seem to have days when you seem to be bouncing off the walls of my uterus and others when you seem to settle at the bottom of my uterus and chill. As you sitting low tends to flare up my round ligament pain, making it hurt to stand up, get out of bed, and walk, I prefer it when you wiggle, kick, and punch me. Even if my bladder or cervix are the objects of your attention.

You were really active on Tuesday. I don’t know why I never realized that when you kick me pretty hard my stomach will move. But I put two and two together on Tuesday at work. When I got home I lay in bed, lifted up my shirt, and watched my tummy jiggled and rippled as you moved around. You even surprised me a couple of times by kicking so hard that part of my tummy would stick out for a second. I found it very entertaining, and I was happy that you were active long enough to let your daddy see some of the action when he got home. You still like to kick and punch down low, so you have some admirers who have been upset that they haven’t felt you yet since I don’t want them sticking their hands down my pants to feel you moving around. Although I love it when you kick closer to my belly button, I’m okay with you kicking lower when we’re around people besides your daddy; I don’t want anyone other than him touching my belly anyway.

You’re supposed to be about 9 inches long from crown to rump and weigh a little over a pound and a half. Since you weighed a few ounces ahead at your anatomy scan, I’d say you’re probably closer to two pounds now, if you aren’t there already. It’s hard for me to comprehend that you haven’t run out of room yet — or that I’m going to get bigger!

I’ll get to see you again in a week and a half to follow up on the choroid plexus cyst on your brain. I’m hoping that it will be gone and that everything else will still look okay. I’ve been assured by two doctors and a midwife that even if you are born with the cyst, you’ll more than likely lead a normal, healthy life. I already love you no matter what the outcome is going to be.

Hugs (since I can bend down to kiss my tummy),

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