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Kindergarten Preparedness: #KidGoals with Gymboree

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Last summer I worked with G on tracing letters and spelling his name. This summer, I had envisioned teaching him sight words and possibly learning to read, since kindergarten is the new first grade.

#Sponsored Our #KidGoals as my oldest heads into kindergarten in the fall | Kindergarten Preparedness: #KidGoals with Gymboree

But I haven’t. He’s going to be gone 8:20am-4pm five days a week. That’s a long day. I’m stressing out over life skills more than his ability to read at 5 years old.

My goal has been for him to be able to do a little bit more for himself. So, this summer I have been focusing more on:

  • Learning to tie shoes.
  • Using the bathroom alone – complete with wiping the seat, flushing, and properly washing hands.
  • Kindness and reminding him that words can hurt just as much as a kick or punch.
  • Sharing.
  • Opening his own food packages.

Of course we are reviewing shapes, numbers, and letters. G has even asked to do some of the phonics flash cards we bought several months ago. He’s been doing well with those, so last week I broke out the set of Bob Books I bought back in March and he read one all by himself!

Kindergarten Preparedness and #KidGoals with Gymboree

Of course, entering kindergarten means legit back to school shopping this year. It’s been fun letting him choose some of his school supplies and even his clothes.

Most of his school supplies will be put in a community pool (I’m assuming, since we have to supply 8 glue sticks and 3 boxes of crayons). There wasn’t much for him to choose other than what color folder and composition books he wanted. So, we’ve been walking the Big Kid (OMGoodness where’s my baby?!) aisles and browsing online so he can choose some new clothes. He’s on an anything purple, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, or sharks kick right now.

Gymboree has always been one of my favorite places to shop for clothes for the boys. Especially pants for G. He’s tall and skinny and finding pants that are long with a slim waist is hard. Gymboree’s pants come in Regular, Slim, and Husky and many have adjustable waistbands. Whether I buy them new or gently used at a consignment sale, I haven’t been disappointed with their pants.

Gymboree has several deals going on now, one of them being $16.00 jeans! Check out their Back to School collection for more fun clothes for babies, toddlers, and big kids! And don’t forget, if you live in a state that has a Tax Free Weekend this month, you could save even more!

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What have your #KidGoals been this summer?

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