Summertime Woe: We Ran Out of What? Already?

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What I wasn't prepared for this summer and one thing I'll #NeverRunOut of | We Ran Out of What? Already? via muddybootsanddiamonds.com

It’s summer vacation, which means the kids and I have been spending more time at home than usual. Lately, it feels like they’re eating me out of house and home. I didn’t realize that two kids being in half-day preschool two and four days a week meant less food was consumed. I’m still not 100% sure how this is happening. I don’t feed the boys constantly, though perhaps they’re eating a bit more during meals because of all the fresh air I’m insisting they get?

Milk. Juice. Crackers. Fruit. This has really taken me by surprise. They’re 3 and 5. I’ve heard boys eat a ton, but isn’t this sort of thing supposed to happen when they’re a little bit older?

Oh, and then non-food items! Antibacterial wipes. Hand soap. Paper for drawing. I typically go shopping once a month, but I’ve found myself running back to the store with kids in toe once or twice already — and we’re only one month into summer vacation! Two more to go…

Cottonelle Mega Rolls at Walmart via Muddy Boots and Diamonds

Now I know how my mom must have felt when my siblings and I were home for the summer.

But there’s one item we haven’t run out of: toilet paper.

Cottonelle Mega Rolls toilet paper via muddybootsanddiamonds.com

While my boys can tell us when they need to use the bathroom or simply just go when they need to, I’m still working on teaching them to clean up dribbles and how to properly wipe their bottoms. I’m also trying to teach them that you don’t need to use a lot of toilet paper to do either.

You’d think being home more would mean running out of toilet paper, but thanks to Cottonelle Mega Rolls, I haven’t had to stress over unexpectedly running out. These rolls are huge; Cottonelle has managed to fit about four rolls in one!

When I do find myself on an unexpected trip to the store, shopping apps like Ibotta help me save some money. Right now you can save $1 on Cottonelle Mega Rolls using the Ibotta app when you purchase them in-store at Walmart.

Never Run Out with Cottonelle toilet paper at Walmart via MuddyBootsandDiamonds.com

If you prefer to do your shopping online, you can add Cottonelle Mega Rolls to your cart when you use Walmart Grocery, a program that has not only been a been a huge time-saver for me, but a stress reliever as well. As long as I know I’m buying at least $30 in groceries, I can order everything I need online and have it carried out to my car.  Click here to see if it’s available in your area!

Do you find yourself heading to the store more often when your kids are home? What do you hope you #NeverRunOut of this summer?

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